Gnashing of Teeth


The wind howls like a wolf in deep despair, as snow is tantalizing his lips in full freezing glory, the house shivers…..
Chilling cold wind lapping at the shutters so old.

Trees cry out in agony, whipping to and fro. Bearing weight of the freezing snow…..
His howling teases and taunts, plotting a fierce, wet, frozen fate. Gnashing and snarling with the silvery pierce of fangs into skin….
His howl beckons me to step out into illuminated snow. The icy cold catches my my breath as his howl entrances me, luring me into the…
Icy woods where gnarled elder trees creak and moan. The snow glittered path crunching under feet. The growling beast presents before me….
His silvery wet mouth encompassing rows of razor blade fangs
And in a bounding leap his lips entangle mine
and I sleep
to the sound of gnashing teeth


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