One Last Test

Wandering in the woods this cool, wet autumn night,
I wander down the path that leads to the river willow
I feel your magnetism, reaching for me
shivers run down my spine when you call my name
Demon you don’t play a fair game
grip me in your evil snare
Your deep rasping voice, insane
I wander deeper down the path, my feet hear not my hearts will
In the darkness of the woods, I feel you

Leaves are dying beneath my feet

I smell your stench, see your wake, hear your thick lapping breath
To go with you will seal my fate, wait….

Something, I’ve heard that flutter before
you shook my bed and raised my head
My Dark Angel over yonder be, there you are behind a tree
North, South, East and West
Protect me now this one last test

My feet carry me to the swing, I hear your rasping
the stench of you making my pores sting.
Come here you fiendish thing sit with me here on this swing
I will duel this one last time,
Look at me, If I win you leave me
No more terror, no more to roam

I ask you this, evil thing
what is that you want of me, what is your will
Look you in the eye I am
glowing red, hot coals I fear you no more
Hiss and slither you be gone, you lost and I’ve won
my heart is numb, my soul is free
you have nothing left to tempt me

You tried you nasty hell bound fool
To break me with your selfish rue
I take you in, your entire being
I sit here with you eye to eye
you try so hard, I will not break
I am here so try your best, you will not take my last breath
Invade my body and my mind, will me to love you one more time
I know your tricks, I’ve seen your plays
try and awe me, illussions and faulty tests
You are the fool
Gone you are from me this night, go and take your doomed flight
Horrid scent be gone too, There’s nothing more here for you

I see you my angel friend, clearer than you’ve ever been
So beautiful, flowing free
dark and daring, not how I imagined thee
scent of you so strange, aren’t you a tempting thing
come sit with me on this swing
Poor thing, you and you’re broken wing.


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