The Bass is moaning rhythm so bold
Pain, so extreme
I try to scream
A gush of fluid fills my hands
From on the ground
All is dark, no sound I hear
I see nothing
Then there’s me, I see from high above
This is weird, so free
I see chaos
Havoc is reeked
I have no voice, no breathe no peace
It’s dark now, I can’t see…
I’m floating, weightless and free, a bright light I do see..
No not yet, not me….
Wait I hear a beckoning, a light
still no sound from within
It’s sharp and cold and hard and round
A perfect protrusion out of my chest
I feel a ripping, a pain so intense
I hear the electric beeps so pure
I can breathe, I see…
I see me, a reflection in that medics shield
So blue, so cold
Now renewed


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