The Old Dirt Road

Old Dirt Road

The shadows beckon, long and cold
walking down this old, darkened dirt road
I know it well
Spooky Alley as it’s called
Only silvery moonlight guiding my feet
shivers down my spine so strong, hair standing on the back of my neck and arms.
In the darkest of night, terrifying
My imagination running wild, vampire, ghouls, devilish fiends
I laugh at myself,
I clench my fists, digging nails into my skin
progressing forward, dirt and dust disturbed as I head down this
secluded road, lined with trees and an old stone wall
I hear footfalls in the wind, I turn and see nothing there.
Minds racing with thoughts so chilling
I move a little quicker,
A few more feet and into the dark tunnel
So dark and foreboding in it’s pitch black veil
Going to be like walking into an ink well
Envisioning vampires, monsters, werewolf’s and such
quicken the pace and stiffen my walk I reach the tunnel built of rock
What shall I find within you.
Fear has racked my nerves, It’s so late and desolate in this little town
I can not scream, even if it made more than breath, there is no one to hear it’s frightened sound
Shivering and oh so cold, I must, I must continue to go
Damn, just be bold
Walk on through, it’s only dark, nothing lurks here
my minds attempt at keeping calm
one more step and I’ll be inside, I know this path this tunnel too.
No reason for me to be scared of you.
I brace myself, nails now drawing blood in my palms
I take that dreaded step inside
Tunnel walls echo my own breath. Okay good, now take another step.
Here I go, I see the moonlight at the end
I good, I’m good, two more in.
The walls echo my steps dirt and stone, so loud in here
My skin is crawling, I’m shivering hard
Almost halfway through
My mind reeling with the most scariest of thoughts.
Come on now, you know this place during the day it’s the way you go
One more step, sounding gritty and dry
I feel the cold hard fingers on my shoulder, I attempt to scream and try to flee
as this grip tightens down, immense pain that brings me to the ground
I look up and my tears are too thick, I can’t see
The hand, now two crushing me, pinning me like glue
I hear a raspy, heavy voice
You’re here now, in my place
you created this through your fear

Before you dear, there was nothing here
His jaw opened like a hinge, I saw death begin
I cry out and beg and plead my peace
go ahead now, will you’re deed


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