Glitters is not grace, the strength is you’re embrace
longing for the touch of you’re skin,  sweet surrender to your taste
quivering lip does touch my neck,  piercing shot, split second it’s done
visions of horror and seduction, hard as nails run down your skin
strong hands grasping me close, a pact of passion pulsing within
as the salty sweet of bloods first taste, envelopes me in heavens haze
hands gone numb, as we succumb, your lips seduce and breathe me in
I slacken in you’re hands so firm, poised positions, limbs entwined
exalted glory fills my mind
As once were two and now as one, in erotic dance en-throws
skin on skin, coldness wrapping me in vein, on this heart you do stain
a sinking begins as climax sets in, sin to sin
absorbing you and longing still
letting go into you’re vampire spell, my lips welcome you whole
a single wound and I taste your vampire soul
heart is pounding to a shuddering stop
cold and reeling, quaking tis real
I open my eyes and you are near
Laying naked in the deepest darkness of night
Now I feel loves true light.
In hypnotic grace.


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