King Ember

king on throne

Unyielding blaze
Fire fire burning higher
show my hearts true desire
yearning, burning
a passion quest
It’s that time for illusions
round and round
on blood encrusted crown

Raven’s glare, I can not share
on hardened heart these coals do smart
crimson flares, licking at this sharp ensnare
Do you hear my cries in the dark
the smoldering embers of my heart
A fair maidens love quest

Ashes to ashes and blood to rust
my soul caught in the wind like dust
I look into coals so hot
be loved I can not

It’s hardest blue hue to hold
on glorious thrown you sit
a bowed to king
sword and shield en-tow
your slain enemies at your feet
lovely maidens lusting in you’re quake

This fire is where I shall stay
smoke smarting my eyes
and radiating warmth on my skin
I will be here longing for thee.
Wanting, needing, still believing


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