Final Journey


willow gate


Walking through this creaking iron gate, wrought with time
Strolling down to the weeping willow, it’s long tendrils licking at the breeze
in deep I breathe the heavy fog.
Ivy dancing, sweet scent of honeysuckle tickling my senses
Wandering a bit farther down this path
The sun fading fast as dust draws near
Finding an old, twisted oak ,remnants of a forgotten time
Moss twisted and flowing through it’s entangled limbs
A time remembered, centuries give or take, last I passed through that gate
On time revered, my soul does wither
Out here in the mossy pines, old willow keeping time
Bathing in it’s darkened snare
Once forgotten time when, gold was new and men were true
a sip of blood coursing through ones veins
heart beating in bold rhythm, whistling like a hurricane
carriages drawn by steady steeds, to even vampires longing needs
a sip from goblet or bottle of wine
this ground beneath my feet,
so much despair is found there
centuries ago, before my heart beat no more
When I began this journey
pale skin as cold as ice
Wandering through this night
Oh this beautiful tree
Confiding unto you this trip in time.
This journey now become mine.


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