Battle Fields

Union line

We enter the green and gold rolling fields

Heat of the day making this oh so real
Battles here were numbers untold.
So many lives lost, bodies upon bodies once laid here
bleeding their lives into the soil, remaining embedding their souls for all eternity
This ground is hallowed, forever in monument as history unfolds.
Standing here on this rocky outcropping, time transfixed to yesterday
I smell death and dismay
Billowing gown around my feet as bullets sear past my whetted cheek.
It’s smokey haze and my minds gaze
Blue and gray all bled today.
My head sways as I steady my gate and walk past these soldiers screaming in pain.
a bloody hand reaches for me, crimson print left on my dress
this vision in front of me is true unrest
I hear the drumming and bugle calls, signal charge to deaths call
horses advancing behind their brigade
1 hour past and then 3
I witness the ground covered in a carpet of carnage,
blue and grey and crimson red, sweat soaked wool so heavy to bear
screaming and shooting, cannon rolls, smoke and sooty nostrils flare
Oh dear, these poor lost souls.
Bound to remain here
shoeless brothers met in vain, and history this day has changed
I can no longer push on for as far as my eye can see
a field covered in what are bloated heat singed carnage, no place for a foot hold
And I grieve, fathers and sons won’t come home today
So many men who fought this day, so many thousands will stay
I stand here in observance of a time not forgotten.
My vintage gown now covered in a ring of blood.
I stand here in the now, tears falling down my face, I feel pride and disgrace.
Souls are here and they are bound.
Fighting for a cause long departed
They have no clue that their dead
They still walk this field at night, continuing on their fated plight
I see them wandering lost in flight, to journey on this same damn eternal night
Here they still fight the fight, pride and glory.
Emotion wracking my body, kneeling here, placing my hand on this ground, my tears will stay for each this day.
Visitors come and go, with no true realization these lost souls still linger here
forever more they will not fade
Those who come will see the monuments laid in their memory
They won’t feel their true cost to be free.
My heart is broken once more as I pay my respects to my long-lost kin.
Sleep well and rest now, no more onslaught today
As the sun begins is steady receding, I kneel here and in somber remembrance I carry this weight all the lost souls
to homage I pay.


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