Begging, pleading
Soul receding into itself
Giving pause to no worldly sanity
Who you are today, not like yesterday
tomorrow you will stand here still
as I rip apart your mortal will
Your sin is done and time has come
to answer to the darkest queen
rendering me unadulterated access to your soul
You had no fear when you penned your name
yes in blood in the prince’s name
the weighing that you are measured by
oh the lust and horror nigh
in the darkest, foul abyss
You received your every wish
Now we stand here at the gate of Purgatory and your fate
I shall punch through your fleshly reprise and suffer you
your tormented demise
My hands cup your head in vain
Look at you quivering, you are insane
I pierce your temple with my thumb
reach inside your weeping brain
Now you suffer the loss of all your thoughts
In return I give you pain
In life you brought hurt and pain
All the suffering you shall feel
Fear you, your deeds that they come round
and in this hell you are bound
Giving no moment of reflection
You cursed thing are now the work of deception
There is no place to rest in peace
no quiet now
Once you enter through this gate
you will reel with you life’s meaning
Illusions you were easy to take
And with it you gave your fate
Suffer here, endless pain as I rip out your mortal brain
spill it here, no tears from you
You made your choice and signed it true
All your glory, money and fame and you gave it all
in illusions name.
Suffer now forever more
Screaming and despair is all I give to you
Now you lost in deathly hallow
Oh mortal soul you were not meant to follow.
You should have led and taken pride
Instead you insisted on the easy ride.
Here you will wait for no end will come
tormented soul look this is what you’ve done
So easy you a devil’s fool
reap now what you glamored for
insanity in the dark
here now it’s time to start
now here in fear and dark
suffer you your own demise
For now you see with ashen eyes.
Burn your flesh and smart your nostrils
smolder here and long for that day when you wished your soul away.


3 thoughts on “Purgatory

  1. Utterly perfect dark and poetic
    I am immensly proud of you
    This is my favorite piece thus far and I know each new one will only get better and better.


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