Transcending Pt. 1


Sitting at home on a steamy autumn night. Classic, just classic. All dressed up and nowhere to go. A turn of events has changed my evening plans. So I will be winding down with a few beers, wings and an evening of spooky movies. Never mind that the girls night out was cancelled, in part I think, due to Jennifer’s PMS. Even though I really was looking forward to it. Oh well, I’m fine with hanging here in my old, creaky house alone. Alone and I have a serious relationship now a days.

In the kitchen I gather my things. Taking a glance out the patio door in passing noticing that it indeed has begun to rain, patter, patter.
Yes! Nothing better than horror movies in a rainstorm dark. Once in the living room I begin my selection of movie marathon material and my first adventure on-screen, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I settle myself on the couch, cracking open a cold beer and enjoy a longing draw of cold, frothy brew. Living room lights off.
Passing by the previews its down to Leatherface now. Munching and watching the TV screen, reeling with silly kids and their ignorance.

In a startling simultaneous union, lightning flashes and the house phone rings. Odd, no one calls on my house phone, and I didn’t bring it in here either.
No need for pausing, I’ve seen this many times so I head out to the kitchen to grab the call. Upon grabbing the handset it’s stopped ringing. Caller ID is restricted. Hmm, well then, you weren’t important anyway. As I lazily head back into the living room, I notice through the patio door out on the deck the grill is now turned and the cover has blown off, damn wind.

Lightning flashes once again and a gust of wind blasts my face as I slide the patio door open.
I cross the deck in stocking feet to the grill and begin chasing the cover when lightning flashes again, this time with a huge crash of thunder, startling me, I jumped.
I laughed at myself, finished my task and just as I turned to head back in, I see a white snarling dog at the end of the path near my gate,
or is it inside my gate? I can’t really tell, but I see it’s teeth bared and hear it’s guttural growl!

Panic about to set in, I bolt toward the door. Closing the door behind me, heart pounding in my ears, the hair on my neck is standing straight up.
This is turning out to be an odd night and a really strong storm, I could almost feel the electricity in the air. And that dog, have I seen that dog before? A thought that will nag at my mind.
The phone rings again, a single ring and ceases. Alright, how annoying. In my solitary boredom I decide to calm myself with another beer and a new movie.
A vampire classic is in store. I can go for a little Lugosi, calm my nerves. Outside the wind picked up, the old oak tree is having a tremendous fit against the back bedroom window. The lightning has frequented and is brighter now. My mind begins to wrap around the Carpathian Mountains as I indulge in another beer.
Ring, the phone screams once more, this time it rings a second time. Just in time for me to catch it.
A man’s voice responds “Sorry, must be a wrong number” and a blaring dial tone hits my eardrum. “Asshole” I mutter as I settle back into my vampire world.
I find myself drifting off in a daydream of black and white, falling into the movie, wondering what it would have been like. Back then…

I jump with a start when the thunder crashes rattling the windows. Lighting striking so close, ah the heart of the storm. Another thunderous boom and an intense lightning strike, and the power goes out. Oh great, I whisper. The rain outside sounding more like nails striking tin The lightning flashes once more.
Okay now, where’s that flashlight. I open my junk drawer and there I find it. As the thunder rolls once more, my cellphone rings, that’s odd no number or name
I answer “Hello, fine timing”
A man’s voice, says something that sounds like “You(inaudible) will be no more”, caught a bit off guard I say nothing and the phone beeps in my ear.
Now this is getting kind of interesting. Damn jerks. I wonder who’s playing games tonight. Probably Brian, that’s his game, always a prankster.

Oh well no time, I need to find a real source of light. I check the flashlight and of course the batteries are dead. I always knew that place would be a pain in my ass.
Next best things, candles. I have some emergency ones,  although they barely cast a dim glow in here. Just then a gush of wind bursts open the front door, lightning licking and thunder booming. I think I stood there looking at the door for a few seconds, expecting that dog or Jason Voorhees standing there. Crazy adrenaline blurred vision in my head.

Walking over to the door and just as I close on the handle a man dressed in utility uniform pops into view. I know I jumped a foot! Flashlight at the ready to pound into his throat.
“What in the holy hell!” I shouted
“Excuse me ma’am, I was just checking out the power lines due to the outage” his mouth fixed in a smirk, almost smug look.
“Would you mind terribly if I stood in here to call dispatch, it’s pretty nasty out here?”
“Uh, well that’s great, but I’m not inviting you in. I hope you find the problem soon. Stand in the alcove, thanks.”
Slowly closing the door, which seems to have put on weight in a matter of minutes. Keeping an eye on mister man.

Heading back about my business of candles, the door opens again. Stupid why didn’t I lock it! In steps the electric man, grinning, no is he licking his lips!
Before I could utter a sound, I felt a sharp cold piercing in my neck. The unknown substance instantaneously rendered my body useless.
Immediately starting to lose the world around me, my eyes blur as I fade out of consciousness and I faintly hear him chuckling…..


Sometime later, I regain awareness. My mind weighed and foggy. I try to lift my head. Impossible, I’m bound by something, cold and hard. Metal, it’s metal!
I try to open my eyes, too blurry yet. I hear noises but they are too distant I’m unable to make them out just yet. Attempting to lift an arm also bound, by the same cold, smooth, hard, metal. My mind reeling trying to get hold of the events that have taken place.

Where am I? Hearing scuffing footsteps coming closer. I try to not rouse suspicion that I’m conscious. To my right I hear the clanking of metal, a popping noise and a warm hand is laid on my stomach. A burning, slow stabbing in my belly button, it doesn’t stop. Slowly penetrating, burning, my internal organs this cold piercing metal,
a needle, it’s a needle my attempts at screaming are futile as I am only able to muster a dry, course groan……


Transcending Pt. 2

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3 thoughts on “Transcending Pt. 1

  1. This is utterly fantastic, I love your descriptiveness, puts the reader right along side you. Can not wait for the next installment…Bloody Brilliant!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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