Hardened Heart

It is with heavy heart and in a haze I continue on my days.
It hurts the eyes, crystal tears do fall
cold as ice and hard as rock.
Vision of you go round and round in my mind,
My world is lost
I keep you near, and all attempts to ignore this pain.
Losing you so suddenly, left with only memories
eternity seething in precious pain
My dreams each night are filled with you.
This night you beckon to me, across this arid sea.
Here you are clear as day
Your hair radiating under the sun.
Those blue eyes calling for me
Oh this can not be, this is so unfair.
Blinded to all that surrounds me
Intense pain rips my heart, bleeding my souls energy.
I am coming my dear, I will walk this dry, cracked ground,
I’m coming love, for once more chance to kiss your lips, hold your hand
feel you near, for one more chance to hear your voice.
I won’t let you go, not by choice
I’m coming love
Arms outstretched advancing with a hurting heart and steady footfalls
I close this gap.
Nothing can keep me away to hold you near, once more
My eyes stinging with this sand, watering with pure elation
I’m reaching for your hand.
Faster now, one step, two step, almost there.
My heart is soaring inside my chest
One more chance.
I can not take my eyes from you, afraid I’ll lose you if I do.
I keep walking, feeling numb,
to walk through this desert, hellish range.
I reach the edge and in your arms I am.
I feel you again. Kissing your sweet salty lips
our hands in firm grip
Your really here and I made it.
I have you back from the beyond, here you are in my arms
Looking into your sparkling eyes, your tears now streaming down
your hand on my cheek, shaking your head and looking down
I follow your gaze and see it true, this is only a memory of you
I don’t care I have you here, bending down you kiss my lips
As I hold you here you dissipate and once again I stand alone.
On my knees I do fall, cries of hurt and loss penetrate the open air
As each night veil brings you to me.
Only to lose you again, the hurt and pain
relive again
Another night to do it again.


7 thoughts on “Hardened Heart

  1. I’m running out of new things to say without repeating myself.
    You have grown by leaps and bounds in such a short time.
    So immensely proud you pick up your quill and shared all this wonderful work.


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