Heart of Thorns

Bleeding heart

Memories shall not fade.
Taken back to that time, that unexpected ring
hearing words that paralyzed my entire being.
Eyes gone dark, skin so numb
Hands so cold and trembling.
Piercing my heart like a thorny cage.
I screamed and heaven shook with rage
No understanding, my mind crashing in on itself.
Feeling like I’ve been ripped apart.
Hot flushing of my face, it’s pure pain.
No words can ever let you know, how can I let you go.
Falling to the ground screaming, this heart of mine.
To lose the love of a lifetime.
No saying goodbye, tears streaming from my eyes.
No holding you one more time.
So violently you left me.
The burning in my heart, smoldering as it is ripped apart
the thorns are embedded now.On this day that you fell
Forever longing for your kiss, holding hands or
holding me near. Making love nor romancing time.
There’s no more, gone in a flash
Screaming so that it ripples time
This heart stabbed and bleeding; pierced and reeling,shall remain en-caged in a thicket of thorns
love is scorned.


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