Sick man

Sneezing aching, medicine taking
Three days in now.
Watering eyes and pounding head
looking now veins turning blue
a most unnatural hue.
Fever high and blistering.
In those eyes a pattern of insanity.
You really look unwell, oh poor dear you really look like hell
Catching you glaring at me, licking your lips and smiling fiendishly
Back to bed you go, your beginning to smell so awfully.
Call the doctor, doctor do come quick.
Watching you stumble and walk with sway
falling down and mumbling
An inhuman grunting, moaning, chattering
Your creeping me out, what gives
Doctors here you poor dear
Evaluating your situation.
Pulling me aside, something is terribly wrong here
no vitals I find on him, not one
You must really get out of here. There is no time, you must run!
In a split second you appear ripping the doctor from ear to ear
Blood spatters everywhere
looking at you, blue with veins protruding
two rows of teeth appear as you growl with in haste
looking at me with smoldering, slitted eyes
those teeth do finalize.
Clamping down on my face, you begin to take your taste.


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