Transcending Pt. 2

Transcending Pt. 1

Asylum AHS

I slowly wake, grogginess gripping my mind. I can’t think. Not recalling where I am, I know my back hurts. Hell my everything hurts.
I try to sit up and can’t, there’s a restraint on my head. Wait..I need to think about what’s happened. How long have I been here.
I can’t lift my arms or my legs. My stomach feels like someone has taken a razor blade and lashed it from the inside out.

Bloody razor
Still unable to focus, I can tell that I’m, wearing something blue, a gown I think. I can see my toes, but it’s not single toes I see just a blur.
Looking around as far as my eyes will roll. I can only see blurry shades of color. Come on brain, eyes, get it together. Whatever this guy has been injecting me with has my brain functionally flat. Laying here staring at the ceiling for what seems like 10 minutes but in reality it’s probably been 3.

It about smacks me in the face, the realization that it’s very clean in here, sterile. The smell in here hits me like a train, good thing I paid attention in college.
You can never forget the smell of alcohol, formaldehyde and the unmistakable smell of death. Rot, what begins when the body and it’s organs start shutting down and bacteria takes over. What did we call that in class, body wax. Okay so maybe not so clean. A morgue, I’m in a morgue! Has to be, the nose don’t lie and the coolness I feel on my skin.
This is no ordinary exam table that you’d find in a morgue, this is a table more used in an insane asylum.

This is pure restraint. I’m totally bound to this table. Now, if only I could get free. I wasn’t paying very much attention to other things, because I didn’t notice the man come in the room. I took notice and he was just standing there, I can only get a blurring outline of him now, but I know he’s there.

Scary man
Wondering if he recognized the the fact that I had a moment of realization there. As I thought about that for a second, he crosses the room and closes in on my position.
He walks around the right of the table and back to the foot. I see his hand go to his chin. Still unable to focus on his face.
“Hmmm, seems like you’ve decided to come around.”
I try to say something but nothing comes out.
“w…..” no, nothing
“You must remain in those restraints, can’t have you hurting yourself now, especially now”
He moves around the table and closer to my face.
“You just relax now” he says with a sarcastic snark.
“You have nothing but time and I have to say that I’ve claimed and it’s now mine.”
Turning his back to me he reached for the overhead light and the room darkened as he walked back out from where he appeared.

….I lay here in the hazy darkness, I can feel my arms now, there’s an IV in my left hand.
There are noises, odd noises, or is that just my senses trying to make them seem that way.
The sound is not close, but not real far away either. Bumps, a thud and that sounds like slithering, it sounds like,
almost like something being dragged.
My belly hurts really bad, matter of fact, it’s screaming with an internal burning, ripping..I cry

dark skies
I woke with a start, shit it’s no dream. I swore I felt something on me……..

Transcending Pt. 3


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2 thoughts on “Transcending Pt. 2

  1. This is utterly fantastic, You are engaging every reader with insightful description. I am eagerly waiting for the next instalment. You are on a fantastic roll with this one.


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