A light breeze ruffling through the oak trees
Darkest night only a sliver if moonlight even to share
Lighting a lantern and strolling down the path
Arriving at the lake shore, water vast so dark and still
The waters surface slick as glass,
reflecting the silvery light glowing from the moon
wandering out onto the creaking dock, plank by plank
Surreal the energy here
A steamy warm and sultry night
sliding toes into the water
splashing drops of water playfully,
listening to the purity of the resounding ripples
Eyes closed absorbing the vitality of the earths pure gift
Removing the dress wrapping my skin, I gently slide in.
Water cooling every pore, washing me in it’s briskness.
I begin to swim around, nothing binding
Venturing further into the basin, seeing my lanterns light weaken,
Daring not to lose my beacon.
Swimming back toward the dock
I feel pulsing from below, a little shiver runs my blood cold
Panic now motivating me, reaching the dock so I can flee
Not knowing what’s come over me.
Once to the safety of the dock, pulling myself out of the lake,
water gliding off my skin, breeze chilling me.
Wrapping myself in my dress to quell this chill,
picking up the lantern to head back home.
I start on my way back over the creaking dock.
Hearing a splashing behind me, I hasten my step.
Back on solid ground I turn around
What I see there encompasses my fear.

A solid figure of a woman formed of water
her hands outstretched and gliding on the surface, she is coming quick,
ever closer now.
Feet are frozen firm in place
Unable to move I stand still
One second more she’s hovering right in front of me.
Hollow eyes, dark as night, mouth gaping wide,
the sound thick a resonating howl reaching out for me, ringing in my ears
Stumbling backward, spilling to the ground trying to stand
She laid her hands at her side, water dripping beneath her
Her howling surrenders to a shriek as a gnarling low growling came flowing through the trees
and stops her raze. In that moment her form splashed down and penetrated the ground.
Momentarily unable to move, not believing my eyes.
Standing up I move toward the path.
Not far along down the shore
I see a black dog of some girth, focusing it’s glowing eyes.
Entangling me in it’s gaze, the creature turns with a gesture of nod
Standing here my jaw hanging open, unsure of what has transpired here.
I catch my lantern in my grip and I run.


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