50 Shades of Crimson- Flaming Skies

vamp sex3

I slide my wet tongue between your burgundy lips
Cool and salty our tongues entwine
Tasting on you, sweet red wine
My hands move slowly down your throat
Thumb imprinted, almost to choke
Raging need we do this deed
grabbing derriere your hands move
down my thigh to my knee and lifting it high
lips begin to wander
down my neck, sinking teeth deep inside, breaking skin
seeping red
trailing to my breasts gently, tracing
my nipple with your tongue, slowly your teeth envelope me there
Biting hard, drawing blood, wet and flowing down my skin
I feel the wetness tween my thighs
as you slide your thickness deep inside
ripping, tearing, thrusting be
Penetrating, elevating
bodies quiver and quake
Aching, needing a deep throbbing
a probing rush and a sweet release
Heavy hands entwined in mine
through the window moonlight shines

Entertainment fame

Erubescent love entwined
Give in to you
my devilish wish
lips are wet with desire
blood stained bodies in elated state
hungry tongue and biting down
with feverous passion
penetrate, as hips gyrate
I come undone
Pleading moans and hungry groans
Breathing you deep, as lust steeps
a quickening as you begin your ascent
slamming harder into me
Looking in your eyes as you fill me in ecstasy
Under crimson skies with flaming stars


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