Transcending Pt. 3


Transcending Pt. 1

Transcending Pt. 2

It’s just dark enough in here, unable to make out any details of my surroundings. At present my eyes can focus, tremendous plus.
My mind lucid, as long as med.’s stop. Striving to figure out my situation. Confident that I’m in a morgue, or a similar place.
Still utterly bound to this table in a damn gown. Has the temperature risen, maybe that’s just my adrenaline assaulting my senses.
My insides creating intense pain, cramping and burning, I imagine it feeling like eating razor blades.
This pain will keep me in passive mode, hoping I can figure out how to release these restraints.
Noises again, coming from somewhere, certainly not close.

Trying to see farther is too strenuous on my eyes, they throb. Too challenging to look from flat on my back.
It smells different now, the air thicker, almost salty. Not placing any trust in my senses at this moment, as they are bound to tell lies.
“Good morning poppet, I trust you are feeling a bit better” This coming out smooth and cold from Mister. He is now standing just far enough away in the dark, that I can’t make out his face. My thoughts racing. Slow down. Reveal nothing, calm and focus, be what he expects. Think forward, it’s probably your only chance to get our of here.
Struggling with my own gullet I utter “I’m..” well that is more than I’ve vocalized in how long? Trying to grasp the concept, yes how long has it been.
“firstee, pl…” sounding like a child brawling with words, my mouth depleted of moisture. “Most assuredly you are. Several days without proper nutrition or drink for you. We must rectify that.”
He walks in front of the table where I lay, passing by my right side and opens a door.
Hearing him rustling behind my head and the over headlight flickers on.
I flinch and squint as the light seems too intense.

In that moment, he backs up beside me. Leaning against the table and placing his weight on my right arm, he slants in and I see the face of my captor.
Taken aback, unable to say I was horrified at his face. The stunning realization, he’s handsome. The man from the electric company that was at my house. That night during the storm.
“Now poppet we have to move you. You can not drink laying flat on your back.” and just a touch of a British accent
I could have accepted it better if he was horrid, scarred and mangled.
A small smirk breaking his chiseled features, swearing I saw lighting flash across his eyes with such quickness, but was it there at all.
As he exited the room I became aware that is seemed a little darker in here. I watch as long as I can, noticing he has a odd gate to his walk.
Thoughts begin to course through my mind.
The cramping in my stomach comes on immensely, if not for these restraints I would fold into myself, albeit I tried.
Recoiling in pain, my captor returns. Rolling a chair. The top of it resembling a dentist chair, complete with high back and headrest.
It has wheels. I can hear the wheels, scraping and squeaking as it’s positioned at my right foot.

asylum chair
He moves toward me, pulls the chair behind him and sits down. “Let me tell you this. I know a tremendous amount about you Cammie.” Another slanted smile. Uttering in a slight whisper of breath “How, what..” my voice faint and failing.
“Let’s just say; you, this” as he looks around. “was no accident. This is a collection of a larger purpose and contrived by a greater charge than you”.
I’m the one who has been tasked with you poppet, at least for now.”
Tears begin to well, no, I resolve that there will not be a show of weakness!
His bland tone turned commanding “You will not, and I mean, will not, make any attempts to run, and you will not fight me.
Do you understand? Any attempts against me or to free yourself, will be effecting not just you, but all humanity” snickering
Leaning over me, nose to nose “you will affect more than the small of humanity. Besides, poppet, you have to regain your strength.”
“I tell you one last time, you will not fight me, you will not attempt to flee.” Laughing, he continues “Even if you could, I think you’d find it rather painful”
Swallowing slowly I answer in a whisper “yes”.

I want to flee, in my thoughts I’m halfway out the door. This has to be some kind of hellish nightmare.
What he’s unaware of is that I’m taking particular notes on the scratch pad in my mine. Unsure how much or what he knows about me.
I’ll play the game for now, he’s right, my stomach is feeling like burning glass.


I haven’t had but maybe a saline drip. Days, weeks, surely no more than a week. I was knocked out pretty well.
Feeling physically and mentally exhausted now. My head is being pressed down on the table as he unhinges, what sounds like bolts and a latch. He reaches over my face with his muscular arm, holding the strap in his hand. “You don’t have to be scared. You can listen, understand and be a productive part of this.” He’s rambling on.
He continues to unbind my left arm then my right.
“Don’t take me lightly though, don’t you make that mistake girl. I can and will keep you sedated if I must. I see your eyes, your thinking.
I told you that’s a bad idea.”
“Not going anywhere Mister.” All I can seem to muster is a scratchy whisper.
Attempting to shake my head indicating no and the pain shoots up my neck, instantly freezes me, feeling like my eyeball popped.
“Yes, I bet that hurt, not a small needle I used, but you had to be a stubborn bitch. You could have let me in to make that call.” His laugh chilling.
“I’ve noted that about you, stubbornness, one of the things that define you Cammie.”
He unbinds my feet. Chest and leg straps are the only thing from me and freedom. If only I could muster that strength.
Now standing over me, blank look on his face. As if he is absorbing me.
“Don’t you try and be stupid now girl, I’ll move you to the chair after I sit you up a bit. You don’t even want to try and make a break for it.”
leaning over my legs he releases the leg strap. Walking to the left of me, he runs his fingers up my left arm to my shoulder, chills ensue.
Continuing behind me, leaning forward he unclasps the chest restraint. And even if I wanted to I can’t even lift my hand. How much time has passed? FX

Feeling like a specimen in a jar, he walks around me once more. Standing now on my right, sliding his hand behind my head “I’m going to raise your head and sit you up. We need to be careful with you at this stage. His firm hand lifts my head and I scream. It exits my mouth like mouse screeching, the pain, ripping up my neck and into my brain.
“Going to sit you up. Are you hurting girl, go ahead and scream, it’s slightly amusing”.
As I come to an upright position, head pounding, dizziness ensuing. He is seated just behind me enough to keep me upright,
hand holding the back of my head. My stomach screams, excruciating pain shooting like hot lighting up my chest and down into my legs. He was right and I feel tear begin.
I don’t know how long we sat here in complete silence. Feeling this internal pain coursing through my body, the light in here seems brighter.
What he did when he punctured my stomach with the needle I don’t know, but I hate him for it. It like having claws ripping me from the inside out. Still I remain conscious.
His hand has slowly, steadily moved from my neck into the middle of my spine.
Sliding his hand back up to the back of my neck “I’m going to move now. There are other things that need tending to today
and not holding you like an infant.”
He stands, moves toward my side. The pain, blindingly hot, seeing stars. He slides the chair closer to the side of the table.
Straining to try and move to the chair, I budge, not one inch.
He grasps my calves and slides them onto the chair. Tears are welling in my eyes again from pure pain.
My captor looks up at me and as his eyes meet mine. His eyes change color from Blue to solid black, no distinction between iris and pupil.

black contacts
I am totally vulnerable. I did not image that, I’m still looking at him and they are still solid black. Terror running through, quickening my pulse and the pounding in my head.
Wondering if I’ve died and this is all a wicked entrance exam into hell or a horrid dream and I’m still in my house and there’s still a bad storm. Wake up!
I must have said something out loud. Placing one hand on either side of me, closing in on my face, so close he could kiss me.
He laughs, licks his lips and and laughs again. Bringing his gaze back eye to eye. I see him blink, I hear his eyelids click.
The lights flicker and he wraps his arms under mine, lifting the rest of me into the chair. I whimper in pain and begin to lose the world around me

I must have passed out. When I get hold of my senses my first thought is how different it is. Now in the chair, slightly reclined. This is a
form of dentist chair, the padded leg rest to the feet, headrest also padded. No restraints. No restraints!
I can lift my arms and move my feet. I can see all around me now, although it’s dark, I can’t see much.
The IV is still in my left hand, it’s not connected to anything.

Can I roll the chair I wonder. Stopping dead in my train of thought. I can’t attempt to go anywhere, not yet.
I need hydration and food. Spotting a bottle of water and a wrapped sandwich on the counter, only an arms length.
Grabbing the water. Relieved that I have some strength.
I struggled with the cap for a minute. Taking a sip, then a gulp.
The water is cool and sweet. Before finishing my last sip, I have a ripping pain in my abdomen, so excruciatingly painful that I begin to sweat.



Subtle changes have begun, I am unaware. Maybe a horrible idea. Not even a thought of the sandwich crossing my mind.
Laying my head back on the head rest. I’m hearing noises. The same sliding, dragging noises I’ve heard before.
It’s dark out there, I can see there’s hallway in front of me to the left and that is where the noises are coming from, I’m positive of it.
I’m going to have to check that out, maybe tomorrow. I just can’t take the chance tonight, what if my legs won’t work.
As I come to the decision to just rest for tonight, explore tomorrow and locate my exit.

There’s movement in the corner of my eye. Coming from the same direction of the hallway.
There is someone there and it’s not Mister, this person is bigger. More movement and
that sliding noise again, only it’s closer this time. As the form moves back into the hallway, I can barely see, but I’m
positive that it was not a person at all. And clicking, did I hear clicking…….

Author unknown

Author unknown

Transcending Pt. 4


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4 thoughts on “Transcending Pt. 3

  1. Holy Crap!!!! Breathless!!! Speechless even!!!
    This is utter Brilliance.
    Keep this up and before you know it you may have a book!!!!!
    Damn Girl You are Rocking This!!!!
    Keep up the Fabulous work!!!


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