Laying here thoughts so clear
I here weeping, a man’s voice muffled yet resounding with firm purpose.
The scent of jasmine, rose and honeysuckle fill my mind.
Dampness seeping into my skin.
Slight chill in the air
Surrounding me. Why can’t you just let me be.
Longing for a few good minutes of slumber
Drifting off for what seems mere moments,
Waking to more sobbing, faintly present
Darkness surrounds me.
Gasping for the light switch.
Dizzy, a faint sinking feeling inside
Unable to extend an arms length
Not comprehending the noise that is encompassing me, scratching
What is scratching, it sounds like it’s coming from inside my head.
Sliding and scraping, falling like rain, penetrating my brain.
Eyes misleading me, darkness falls over them, unable to grasp a sliver of light
Still hear faint voices, who is crying so.
Something must be a miss.
Wondering with an inquisitive mind.
Attempting to sit, with a thud I’m put back in place.
Moments pass as I regain control.
outstretching my cold fingers straight up in front of my face
About eight inches my fingertips contact surface.
Thoughts begin to race through my mind as the voices diminish
I went to bed to rest my head, confusion sets in.
Fingertips tracing up and down, silky smooth and soft as down.
Moving my hand to the right, my fingers find velvety swath
I scramble for my voice, as screams unleashed
Ear drums echo with reverberating rings, as it does with enclosed things.
Panic sets in as fear tears my soul.
Sliding down my feet are bound, no opening have they found.
Tears do not come, fingers reach for my face, barely feeling.
No wetness on my skin.
Beginning to lash out, kicking and screaming, this is a horrible dream!
I’ve been buried alive it seems.
I’m here don’t leave me..I’m here I scream
pounding fists and breaking wrists.
Pleading and needing to be heard.
On the surface things are bleak, as dirt is resting back in peace.
Rainy day a fitting closure
a hazy fog kissing ground.
A faint sound barely heard,
If you moved closer you could here
“I’m hear”



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