Groove Trance


Forever bleeding, heart receding
Lusting for your every move
entranced seeing you in your groove.
Lost in there, I can’t help but stare
beckoning my heart to sway with you
Painted skin, embracing sin
resonating screams entwined
your fingers dance a haunting tune
luring me into darkened swoon
sliding strings and reverberating
your tune makes me impart a lonely gasp
You love it longingly
gripping strongly around the neck
heart beating in tune,
sweat furrowing on your brow
I’m lost in the here and now
Close my eyes, traumatized
I see you here in my mind.
Open them one more time
Catch your glance, demented trace
beating of my heart quickening
internal temperature rising
Give in now your sweet beat needing
licking true lusts
rhythm quest
this is the dance of my hearts death
For my heart shall surely break
In your radiating quake


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