Phantom Waltz

Embracing dark

The patter of the rain outside is lulling
Darkened skies, gray bolstering angry clouds.
Stepping out into the cool dampness, a chill seeping through wetness on the warmth of skin.
The sound of the rain entrancing, soothing welling fear as each drop puddles near
Stepping onto the pebbled walk
Ghostly air pining at flared nostrils
encompassing, leading, a beckoning
Resisting with fright, proceeding slowly step by step
cloth surrounding becomes drenched
Penetrated through with seeping rain
a longing thirst, driving inner pain
Welling up from within
As darkness falls around the land
Reaching out hand to hand
Dancing entwined in a lovers dance
Quenched, warmth of embrace
A dying waltz commences
Slowly turning to loves fate
and enter through darkness gate
No fear, holding bodies near
Eyes locked in eternal gaze
swaying, turning, frozen in a twilight grace
memories of life’s embrace
gloomy rain washing over glee
as the comes undone, lips entwine
cementing passion, now set free
wetness falling from chilled lips.
Lastly turning our phantom best
Gazes bonded, releasing from this clutch
dissipate and swirl to sky
phantom dance ending
One last time.

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5 thoughts on “Phantom Waltz

  1. With each piece I read I’m in awe, you write so beautifully, drawing us in, taking us there.
    Wonderful descriptive prove. Keep on bringing it girl. You’re a pure natural writer.

    Liked by 1 person

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