Broken Pitch


Moonlight shivering round, across the pitch embedded ground
Quiet, there is no sound
Bringing to me faltered knees
Stumbling on uneven soden ruin
clenching fists a yield forged blood
Wandering to the crest of gorge
Reaping haste to make my case
Falling down to darkness found
Silently crouching here, rusty wheels and
leaves pile high
as breaking breath tears do lie
caressing softened sweet skin
Not alone am I
intonation of wings and wretched things
bring me round
falling here I am bound
hearken to somber, loathsome sounds
A rustling is there afar
louder now and closer still
a limping and whimpering of slight maybe
Upon standing and over yonder with hastened step.
In rippled darkness moon’s silvery blast
revealing rats infesting a bumbled nest
return from whence I came the other side of cavern range.
sounds return to my ear, what is that I hear
A growl and rustling, limping
closer now, heart jumps with quicken pace
closer now this noise will be
Silvery moon shining down
steadying safe here in abyss, lusting after a retreat from unclear visitor coming near
nary eye can not see the being coming close to me
Rustling whimper closer still.
In pain this thing shrouded in darkness
the sound so close now.
Feeling fear not as I draw nearer to the sounds
Hand entangle mine, hot as embers as entwines
Moonlight breaks on molten crown
dropped my jaw in awe of what tis found
Fallen angel, broken wing
glorious beauty, fiery thing
Eye of emblazoned haunting green

Scary eyes

Smoldering heat, melting skin
Gaping mouth, eerie sound, gurgling, unrelenting
One wing lost and blood rolls, boiling down
embracing torso in curdling mound
In pitch abyss lone for this muse
retching sulfur from it’s fumes
crackling hot, embers spark
Moons sliver of crisp,
Skin in molten form does drip
fobiding heat compound as fallen dark angle burns me down

Burning angel


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One thought on “Broken Pitch

  1. Phenomenal literary art!!!!
    You are producing works to be appreciated by all readers.
    You are truly an inspiration to as all!!!
    Well done!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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