Stimulating frosty winter eve.
Owls hoot in time with the full moon rising
waxing a succulent glow through the twisted old oak trees
Fresh fallen snow sparkling and crunching under foot
wandering aimlessly down this old winding path
broken moonbeams dance entwined with shadows through the trees.
Gracing earths slowly sleeping beauty.
Coyotes howl in the distance, longing for their kin,
as this entrancing night begins.
Crossing a small arched wooden bridge I pass over a babbling brook
Hearing it’s age through every squeaking creak.
Amorous flutter in my soul as it begins to snow.
Soaking in natures vest
Feeling free as time stands still
keeping me grounded is her will or I should take off in flight
As the thicket becomes dense, branches reaching into the path with longing
Moonlight playing tricks, trees and bushes looking alive, reaching.
Thistle licking at my feet, unburied by this fresh blanket of snow.
I can barely see the path in front of me.
Curving path and walk around what must have been the oldest tree
The path breaks and forks in two.
With quickened glace I bow to the right and follow on a narrower
version of darkened path.

A deer emerges from the treeline, a heavy buck
stopping in my tracks to watch a lonely deer in his heightened state
his blazing eyes glaring back at me.
Neither move for moments, seeming like the better of an hour.
Silence engulfs me in a rush. Feeling vibration embody me.
Daring to move just slight to look around. Behind I find no path in my wake.
All there has disappeared.
My reflection staring back at me,
A looking glass as far as my eyes can see, reflecting the image of what is now behind me.
Trees and moonbeams dancing in the pitch of night
Feeling an overwhelming fear, and then there’s the matter of the deer
I see him still. His eyes still leering, eerily glowing
overcoming me is fear and disbelief, turn round
Looking left and right, this path has become my fright.

Snowglobe ring
Mirrored surface on every side, moon still shines her glowing beams
stitching through the trees it seems.
Deer still there now seeing his breathe billow, smokey twirling in the night.
Oh my wandering heart leads me down that path and through these trees
Alone am I except for it.
Grasping inside to concur fear, I proceed forward towards the deer
No move he makes, but a breathy rattle
reflective walls seem to enclose around me.
Only now I see curving in this reflective surface surrounding me.
Approaching this massive buck, horns of 12 or more seems to be
Front hooves grate at ground, unsteady rearing on hind haunches
His front quarters rising high into the silvery sky.
With quickness the ground begins to shake, snowing fiercely now the world is upside down as I am thrown around.
Glinting from his pointy rack as the bold buck is thrown from his stance and falters back.
shaking nerves begin to rise, panic boils inside.
Legs quivering attempts to stand my ground as temperatures drop and freeze this battleground.
Spying my surrounding, nowhere to run, I lose the world around me and that beautiful deer.
My world spinning upside down, round and round, snowing a feisty flurry.
As the world is shattered as it’s knocked to the ground.
Leaving carnage of snow, and glass. The little woman that was inside, always smiling, now torn and broken.
Laying there on the hardwood floor, not far away, is the deer.
The one that always crossed her path, just past the bridge, horns broken into tiny pieces.
Swept up and tossed away, not to see another day.


Broken snowglobe


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