Dying Inside

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Strong man with hardened heart. So much loss surrounds him in his quest.
Inside slowly ripping him apart.
Standing tall, unmoving, so brave
Not one ounce of pain has he gave
It takes a toll and makes him cave.
Walking into unknown hell
Where the undead and vicious dwell.
Wielding your stick to slay as you make your way.
Hoping in your heart for and end to every day.
Darkness settles on your plight, again another night.

Crying man
Hunger inside as your faith in humanity dies.
You crush the world with lingering tears in your eyes.
As slowly gritting at your heart, you let go of your strength
If only for a moment, unguarded
As night overcomes your family of fate.
You linger here in the dark, shedding your resolves and become unbound.
Unaware of watching eyes as you breakdown in tears.
Cascading over weathered cheeks,
washing your soul as your heart bleeds.
Observing this man, shaken does crumble.
What will the melting of your senses mean.
If only this was a wicked dream.
You are the one that eases fear,
The one that holds all our hearts dear.
The embers burns a bright red as you draw on your cigarette.
Ashes falling to the ground
as wishes and dreams go wafting down.


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