foggy alley

Strange evening, air thick with gray haze
Fancy a stroll down to the Cobblestone Inn.
Feeling a bit empty inside as I wander farther down the fog congested alleyway
Heels clicking behind me, turn around and nothings found
meandering along as the rain begins, patting out a lonely song.
The air thickens as the fog becomes dense.
Stopping for a moment and running my hand through the air,
Watching as the fog, swirls and twirls in the milky summer haze.
As the sun slips sleepily into it’s sweet surrender.

fog 2
The rising moon spotted with thickening clouds.
The heels of my boots clicking in time with the rhythm of the rain.
Entering the shadowy back lot, just around the corner from the Inn
The street lantern, glowing with it’s amber flare at the end of the lot is blackened as a shadow crosses in it’s wake.
Stopping for a moment as I realize the position that I’ve placed myself in.
A frothy brew beckoned me and now, standing here overcome by fear
I note the presence behind me.
Turning around a licking sound as the dark fiend, runs it’s tongue over its lips.
My heart beating, although not faltering it keeps repeating.
The darkling tilting it’s head from left then right a comic and yet such a frightening sight.
A scream I fear will draw it nearer and so I grip this walking stick
and thrust it with all my will and as it releases it’s shrill, it’s pathetic squealing commences.
I push it in and thrash it round the darkling to it’s knees is bound.

scary face
Looking in it’s eyes so beady as I draw my stick from it’s heart.
Clutching it’s chest looking up at me, this was not how it had planned this to be.
I reach it’s throat and with my cane and I thrust it in again.
No blood to say, it’s black and pungent with decay.

The darkling withering on the ground, gurgling and grasping, listening to it’s rasping
Listen here you ill fated thing, you made a wretched mistake now eat your fate.
A maiden in wait, you underestimate your bait.
As you wither, grue covering ground. I’ll watch you twitch and gasp fiend.
Looking in your eyes so glassy, as your soul seeps from you,  damn pathetic beast.
Rotting as you wither, the stench of you, foul
steam rising from you decaying soul.

As your tortured existence is now to cease


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Protected by the Phoenix Vaults 2014


One thought on “Fiend

  1. This piece can be read for different perspectives and I love that.
    At first a through of being followed by Jack the Ripper….
    then an other of fighting ones own inner demon and putting the dark thoughts out of one minds by destroying it.
    I like the play on words that can take the reader in different directinos.
    Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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