Transcending Pt. 4

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I’ve been able to keep down some water and crackers. Keeping any strength and a reasonable state of mind in check the past couple days has been formidable.
Feeling debilitated,  stomach riddled with pain, every last ounce of my body tainted tremendous misery.
Vision vaulting in and out of blurred agony. Every so often the world spins. Tonight, however is the night that I will explore and, if at all inclined that things go well maybe I can facilitate a way out of here.

Undiscerning that there are changes that have taken place within my body would be ignorant, heedless that they have begun to spread, even worse so. Black veins have begun spread through my feet having slowly crept their way up to my knees. Black finger veins chiseling out puzzle patterns exceeding my wrists, twisting their way further up my arms. Whatever was injected into my stomach has commenced to grasp my veins and seep into my flesh. It’s only a matter of time, before it’s purpose is revealed. It’s an excruciating process. The center of my spine feels like spears are exquisitely penetrating into either side of my spine. The injection site itself, black as pitch. The surrounding abdomen has hardened and is now approximately 4 centimeters distended.

Seeking a clear passage out of here will be painful and dangerous, of that there is no doubt. Mister has been too kind since my imprisonment commenced, this fact in itself raises my internal alarm. When he leaves for wherever it is that he goes to. When it gets darker, and although much quieter, in here. There are noises and none that are of any comfort. Tonight, I will have my foray of poking about and at my best, attempt to flee this place. What purpose I have here, I know not. Certain that I am not about to find out. Something is physically amiss with me and I need help. After Mister’s nightly visit I will explore and attempt freeing myself.

Black scary

Finding it a very hard notion to believe that there is no one looking for me. Too many days have passed and my normal schedule has been tossed all a dither. There are people who count on me. When I failed to arrive at the office, there had to be several of the staff immediately suspicious. Family members would be alerted and after checking the house my purse, phone, money and car would still be there, or would they. Would  they be able to see tire tracks, it was raining hard, maybe they wouldn’t. A horrendous thought encompassed me, I was utterly alone and it was up to me to get myself out of here, paralyzing, in the enormity of that thought.

Placing my feet on the floor, unrelenting pain coursed through my feet radiating up through my legs. Getting out of here maybe more difficult then I was expecting. It has become increasingly more difficult to stand, and virtually impossible to straighten up. Attempting to stand, facing the counter my eyes blurred and the sound of heavy footsteps reached me just before I lost the world around me.

“Poppet, where do you think your going?” Mister questioned as he grabbed my arms.
“I have to use the restroom.” I informed him.
Chuckling like a strangled animal he states “You can have a bucket Poppit. Certainly you can’t have much more in there than water. Either way, a bucket is what you have.”
“If you don’t want me to piss on your boots you should probably fetch it then.” Responding forcefully. In my own head I was done with his sick little game.

He returns with a yellow contractors bucket, slamming it to the floor in front of me. “There you are, now pee.” He remained standing there staring at me. I dared him with my eyes. “Do you think that you can help me? You have to know that I’m in pain and can barely move. If you refuse I’ll just piss right here and let it run down my legs and all over the floor, if that suits you.” I exclaimed. Tears welled in my eyes and the voice that was exiting my mouth wasn’t recognizable as my own.

Mister assisted me with my little duty, I was beginning to see him as a pig a snorting, filthy pig. Having to amass my inner strength, mustering everything I had inside to overcome this situation. My heart laughed right then, when I envisioned a platter with bacon sprawling across it. An overwhelming feeling that I was going to vomit overcame me. Steadying myself, I leaned back on the counter.

scary pig

Turning to look at Mister, he was standing there glaring at me. Afraid that he sensed that I was going to make a break for it, I cleared my mind and placed that pig in the center. There asshole, look at that. An angry grimace crossed his face just then and his eyes where pure black. In all of three steps he was standing over me, grabbed my arm and brought me close to him. He smelled like dirt, that mildewy rancid smell of decay wafting to my nostrils and I cringed. Leaning down he spit in my face and stated fiercely “I doubt that you would like the outcome should you even try and flee. I’ve been nice up until now. Your will is no longer your own Poppet, now forget that fantastic notion you have in that head of yours.”

His grip was tight on my arms and it was all I could handle to remain standing up through the pain.  Screaming up my arms and into my chest. Releasing me, he sat me back in the chair. He removed another bottle of water from the fridge and placed it on the counter. Addressing me with a tone that sounded more like a em brazened chimp he firmly told me “Poppet, this is almost over, don’t be ignorant now.” His heavy steps on the concrete floor made me wince as my head began to throb.

I sat there  on the edge of the old dentist chair for a spell to be sure that he had indeed left. Everything hurts, whatever this substance is, it has taken it’s hold and it has made my insides feel like they were pulsing an unnatural electric beat, slowly melting me internally. Slowly standing , placing the weight back on my feet with their black veins screaming a violent thrust of pain up my legs once again. Moving to the counter I rummaged through the cabinets. There had to be something here, a scalpel would be better than nothing, and I find exactly that nothing. Hoping that there were some socks or even a robe in there, again nothing.

empty cabinets

Taking a moment to process what my plan was. The clicking began, almost non existent but still there. What is that clicking anyway? Standing here in a paper thin gown, barefooted with no weapon. I placed my odds at exiting here at slim to zero. Not about to give up, give in or die here, I grabbed the water on the counter and started walking to the left side of the room. With each small step the clicking noise increased in volume, and the skin on the bottom of feet were beginning to tear free.

It may have been my imagination but it seemed to become darker the farther from the chair I went. Yes, it was darker, at the farthest edge of the room I could barely see my hand and my head began to swim. Leaning against the wall, cold concrete making my arm spasm against it. Taking a few seconds to get my head back focused. Vertigo would be another obstacle in my little plan. What plan there was anyway.

The clicking noise was much louder here against the wall. Sounding almost like a snap, it was a crisp, sharp sound, not metallic. Thoughts ran ram pet through my head. To stay here any longer I could easily lay down and dye, driving myself insane listening to the noises in here, the sounds that were coursing through my head. The pain riveting and twisting inside. If I were able to catch a glimpse of myself I would be unrecognizable, black veins seeping across my face, eyes entirely black, hair beginning to thin and fall out. I stood there a few minutes longer, listening, trying to get my eyes adjusted to the weaker light. By the looks it only gets darker down that hall.

Black face and veins

Sliding, something is sliding down there, or is it a dragging noise. My mind so unclear, yet so focused. This was not like the movies. Every inch of me was in pain and it was worsening by the minute. My eyes, thankfully they have remained focused enough that I can see, not optimally but I can see. Placing my back against the wall, again the sharp stabbing pain on either side of my spine forced me to flinch forward, in an explosion of ripping pain almost bringing me to my knees. I did not falter and held my prose, placing my back against the wall one more time, I slid slowly around the corner into the dark hallway. The noises echoing…..

The Finale next……



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