Bloodline- The Reveal


Old Oaks

I’m going to push this along a bit faster now, so keep up, maybe you should move over here to the chaise with me. I think that I saw fear cross your eyes? Don’t be afraid, I won’t bite and Wilhelm isn’t here. Another cocktail perhaps dear one? Now, get comfortable and follow along. See where you sit now, is where Gabby and I sat when we opened the watch box, here in the hallway, landing or whatever you would see it fit to be. Right where you sit now is exactly where Gabby sat opening the box. That was fear in your eyes, are you scared. You asked for this story, if I recall you rang up Carter and Olivia. You wanted the truth and you shall have it. It’s early yet, have another drink and a smoke, I will continue. That’s it, relax.

I retired early that Sunday evening. I needed to focus on my tuning. Gabby was all nervous and had that creepy air about her. Carter, Alice and Jess were getting a little practice in out at the orchard. Sitting in the middle of Grannie’s bedroom floor, I began to focus and lost myself for sometime as I found the center of my soul. I had gotten so good at not tuning in, however it was very easy for me to find it and once I did my soul began to vibrate.

Upon waking the next morning to a horrendous whooping sound, I saw the chopper land in the meadow and Carter was out there meeting Olivia and David. Shit, before coffee I recall. I really have a penance for David, he’s here just for his share of Olivia’s fortune. I missed her terribly and couldn’t wait to see her. Before I joined the rest of my siblings, I needed to tune once more. One I had located Grannie’s ring I was ready to take on whatever the Wiley’s had in store for us. I joined my siblings, totally centered now with all of us strong, we were one. David was going to be a problem, that was clear. Over breakfast he commenced telling us how to handle our family affairs, that Olivia wasn’t going to be any part of something that could land her in jail. I think Carter laughed first. Olivia sent David to town in my car to gather some really needless items to get him out of the house. All of us went to the cemetery. We sat there for a while when Olivia spoke up.

“Now it’s time to be focused and serious, no more playing games. We have a lot at stake and a lot to gain. This is going to be a battle beyond all past battles, the 100 year transforming and the untimely death of James along with the club and the beating of Peter.” Olivia went on about the importance of this clashing and what she expected and how we were going to play our hand. “We will draw them to the club, Gabby has already seen that, we draw them away from there. Lead them back here, that’s where I can be strongest, I’ll encircle the entire property.” Olivia was stern, and almost pleading in making sure that this happens on our land. Olivia was a trapper, a keeper if you will. She could create boundaries, blockades. She is a mental stronghold. We also had to protect her during that time, as her personal guard would be down. To create a force field so large it would take everything she had in her.

That night as we stood in the music room Carter, Alice, Gabby, Olivia, Jess, Wilhelm, Vincent who was late, but still present and well, I think you’ll find out what his talent is soon. David enters with a handgun, a revolver. Eyes glared at each other. Olivia stopped him in his tracks. “David, not a chance for that.” An argument ensued between the two and Olivia with her mental stronghold laid David out across the music room floor. No one said anything until Gabriella piped up “They think that we’re coming to their place, the house, no one goes there. I won’t say it again, NO ONE goes there.”

We left the house together, less Olivia who had to prepare and make sure that her timing was perfect lest she exclude one or more of us on the outside boundary of her shield. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t sure that she would live through this. But you know she did, don’t you sweets. Vin rode his motorcycle, Carter, Alice and Wilhelm went in the jeep, Jess and I in my car and Gabby she had a plan all her own in this game. I can’t blame her after all she was able to foresee what was coming and if that made it any less risky than it had to be.

I had slipped Grannie’s ring on the first finger of my left hand, after all I had inherited Grannie’s talent. Jess was so excited and never really been apart of a large confrontation like this before, I thought everything was going to be a blazing trail behind us, but she stood her ground and penned that energy. Keeping up with Vin, Carter, Alice and Wilhelm was another feat in itself, I rode their  tail lights and dust all the way down the outskirts of town to our family all exclusive private club. I forgot the alluring beauty the place radiated in the glowing lanterns that graced the walkway down to the alcove. Marble, granite and iron.


Peter was part of the reason we were here. Peter who as we sit here is in recovery, trying to fight for his life that these immortals left him within an inch of his life. The other reason 100 yr. transformation, the one who will keep a piece of every long bloods talent, yes I’m laughing as I tell you this. Because that meant that one person ceases to be and that included the Wiley’s as they too are long bloods another branch but they also have to play by the rules.

By the time the car stopped Carter, Wilhelm, Vincent and Alice were already inside. Several people, some of the towns elite exited as we parked. Smart to get out of dodge, not get their names smeared in a paper. Right dear, you can keep secrets right, although I guess this is a bad time to ask that, isn’t it? Well once Jess and I were inside, bathed in a warm glow if the ambient lighting in here. I was smacked in the face with memories. Memories of James Wiley, of Peter of my parents and grandparents and I felt the vibrating inside me begin. Jess must have felt it too as Carter turned and looked right at her and every candle in the place began to flame. Alice may have stopped time right then, if she did she let go quickly when I looked at Carter his eyes were pure black. And this is where it gets real, leads right into present sweets, are you okay need a bathroom break?

black contacts

Gabby was not here, but as I stated she is cautious and sneaky and she already knows what is happening, I don’t worry much about Gabby, besides that would have been a distraction. We did what we had to, it’s survival and our bloodline must survive, see for Alice she didn’t know it then but she was with child and that may have increased her ability now that I ponder that thought. Carter, well he was ready to take every ounce of energy he could get and any talent he could steal. This night was not at all what the movies, the newspapers or the local news portrayed, it never is. I walked over to the bar, put my left hand up and Darren nodded. He has been there since I can recall. Darren I think he’s older than dust itself, the sweetest man ever, turned and handed me the keys. I tossed them to Carter and he started to the back office. Now there were several couples, a few business men and I’m guessing ladies of the night accompanying them. I took the table in the right back corner and we all proceeded to sit, Jess, Alice, Myself and Wilhelm. I could see Wil was very uncomfortable, I think he was beginning to turn, and no wolves don’t look like they look in the movies. He excused himself and walked back up the stairs and headed outside.

Sometime had passed when a gorgeous man walked down the entrance stairs. Grant Wiley the oldest of the Wiley boys. It took him all of 5 seconds to realize that we were sitting there. He came directly over to us. Pointing his finger straight at me and said nothing, Anyone, even you, could have read his eyes, he meant to suck the life out of me. I guess that’s only fair as he has no real idea what happened to his brother James, my lover of many years, yes that’s right. James was killed. Now the Wiley’s think that I did it, and I can’t blame them, after all I was with him. So was his brother Brett, of him, well you’ll find out. I slid out of the booth, why I don’t know. I stood there looking up at Grant who was almost 7 feet tall and muscular, with him still pointing his finger in my face standing tall at all of 5’4″.

Carter came bounding through the back door and saw this, Alice stopped time just then and positioned herself directly in front of Carter. Now this was not going to go down in the club. As time resumed Carter smashed into Alice and knocked her back into Grant, who stumbled. “Get the fuck out of here” Carter yelled at Grant, who as expected threw the first punch, knocking Carter square in the chin. “Stop it!” Jess screamed and jumped up, “not here, not here!” she was excited and she began ushering Grant towards the door.

Vin came running back into the bar room and further escorted Grant out of the club, with all of us following behind him. “Get lost Grant, before I skin you alive bottom feeder”, Carter right in Grant’s face, nose to nose. Vincent stepping in and breaking them up. “Later Carter, you and me, I will have your talent, I should already have it no good piece of horse shit, I’m going to take you and your sisters.” Grant fuming, stomped away. All of us stood there just looking at each other. “Where’s Wil?” Carter asked. “He can handle himself, think he turned.” I stated Just as Gabby was pulling up in her red car, shouting something to Grant Wiley as he tore out of the parking lot.

“He’s going to get his brothers now, they will come for us, all of us and they are pissed. They want your blood sister and you Carter, didn’t help matters, Grant hated you since you stole Alice away. Now we need to head out, get back to the house. Olivia is alone with David knocked out. I’ll be behind you in a bit.” Gabby who normally is cool calm and quiet, was very animated as she spun out of the lot. Thinking back on it I knew she was going to the Wiley’s, I don’t know why I didn’t see it, and Jess, well she went with her. It was Carter, Vin, Alice and I left standing there. Wil is out there somewhere. O is at the house and Dillon patrolling somewhere I had assumed.

I needed Jess just then. I should have seen that coming too, now that I’m reflecting back. What we were unaware of that time was that Jess had already started a flame, set in the basement of the Wiley’s house. We would be aware of it soon enough.  The rest of us climbed into our vehicles and headed back to the house. Olivia was alone and focusing, we had to be on her side of the barrier before she radiated her barrier. Did I tell you that it seemed to take forever for the gate to open and close behind us. Once inside Carter and Alice headed down to the cemetery. Vincent went in the house to check on Olivia I stayed behind and went into the barn on the right. I was vibrating inside then, must say it felt like I was vibrating the world around me it was that strong. Gabby and Jess had not come back yet.


The noises I heard outside right then were mixed and intertwining with each other. Not being exactly sure to this day what I heard. I know that the Wiley boys had penetrated the property, I could hear their steps, they are heavy breathers, as was James. Who unknowingly to Grant and the other brothers was indeed slaughtered by their own brother Brett, it was not I who took James life, but Brett. Only Brett and I knew that as we were both there. He will tell the story differently, and did until his timely demise on said night.

Alice had stopped time, long enough for Olivia to get her full mental barrier around the property this I sensed, her timing jittery as Alice shuddered it back to the present time. At this point the Wiley brothers must have entered the house, because it was Vincent whose talent was putting his hand up and exploding whatever was in front of it, went off. I was peeking through the boards on the back wall of the barn when I heard a snarling outside and there before me was Wil, totally turned a bluish silver, eyes shined over and a gnarling set of teeth that made me shiver to my toes. I know he heard me as he looked my way as another blast came from near the house.

throwing fire

Vincent was holding ground, one of the Wiley boys was on the ground and screaming and clutching his face. And what I had been waiting for the sisters, two of them. Vincent had the house under control as far as I could tell, Wil was already headed to the orchard when one of the Wiley sister’s Valerie, came bounding through the woods on the driveway side of the barn. And Grannie’s ring, a rectangle emerald set in gold with diamonds began to glow. Valerie was headed towards the house, what a ditzy broad she was, but I was increasingly aware that her sister was not with her and that struck me as very odd. I backed down to the barn door and slide out. It was then that I smelled the faint smell of smoke. I was intent on catching Valerie by surprise and would have succeeded to if it wasn’t for the youngest Wiley brother Gage sneaking up behind me, I still wonder if he was in the barn the whole time, I guess we are not meant to know.

melting face

Memories coming back even clearer now as I recall hearing Alice scream and time stood still. Thank you Alice! I had enough time to turn on Gage and plant my lips on his, slowly draining him of his soul, The vibration was so violent that Gage literally rooted his feet into the ground. If you look out the window there sweets, you can see the twisted barren hollow, see there to the left of the pool house near the barn, looks like an old tree withered away. That tree, its name is Gage Wiley.

At that time Vincent was already on Valerie and he didn’t even have to try he snapped her neck like a toothpick, The sight of her tongue limply hanging out the side of her mouth. The look in Vin’s eyes right then. Anyone knows he hated doing this, hated it. There were screams from down near the cemetery. We ran, Vin and I.

What we didn’t know until later was that Gabby and Jess had gone to the Wiley’s house. They gained entrance into the basement where Jess started a spark which engulfed the place in flames. Gab’s already knew what was going to happen, when Ashley Wiley came down the stairs and burst open Jess’s head with a proverbial ice pick. Gab’s had enough time to absorb the talent from Jess and commenced incinerating Ashley’s insides in a scene relative to human combustion. Gab’s in turn set everything ablaze in the house, the cars outside, the fields and herself. She happened to also spark the fire that gained the fire department’s attention along with officer Dillon for a cover story.

When Vin and I reached the cemetery there was Grant, Greg and Brett Wiley, the oldest and strongest of the Wiley’s. There were 4 of us plus Wil but these guys were very wicked and very strong and Brett and I, well let’s just say, we have never been very good playmates. Yes, sweets I must laugh once again looking back on it we had half the football team in our family cemetery that night. But you wouldn’t know that. To think all these guys used to play together as kids. Now sworn enemies.

“Brett, tell them, tell them about James” I exclaimed half out of breath. Alice was half sitting in the corner between two benches and she stopped the clock, it looked like it was painful for her that time. Carter standing dead in front of her. She said she couldn’t hold it long and I must have skin on skin contact, or thought I did at that time anyway. Vin was on my right in front of Grant. Greg was standing almost close enough to kiss Carter and Brett, looking like he was caught in headlights standing on center, back to the oldest crypt, facing towards us. Alice held her spell long enough so I was able to position myself behind Brett. Wil, was there even though you couldn’t see him. Alice let time return and all the color ran out of her face as Grant Wiley must have gotten into Carters head with the damn mental fist of his, he was crushing his brain inside his skull. Carter not about to let that happen, transformed and now was looking like a snake. He struck out at Grant and caught his right eye with a fang.

snake head

Although wounded Grant kept after Carter. Brett whipped around to face me as Greg was in a blasting battle with Vin. Brett staying just out of my reach as he blasted my mind with a sonic pulse that screeched in my ears, I was about to throw up and clutching my stomach Wil appeared and laid his snarling mouth on Brett’s neck. Although not wounded enough, Wil vanished once more. Carter had Grant Wiley by the right eye with his fang only now, half of him was human form and his legs were going around, twirling Grant in an insane square dance.

Alice was creeping towards something and I realized that the velvet box with the watch was sitting next to the bench. Gabriella must have put it there earlier. That watch may not work in the hands of a different bloodline, but she might as well try. Brett had my attention as he brought me to my knees with such a high-pitched sound in my head that my ears began to bleed, and I could not hear another word that night. I know I yelled at Brett to tell his secret, I saw Vin’s left shoulder on fire and Greg, on his back with what looked like a hole through what should have been his groin.

Everything went green in my eyes. I couldn’t see anything! I couldn’t hear anything! When my vision cleared, Brett was on me, stupid move as I clamped my mouth on his throat, he turned black as he wilted in my hands. I saw Vincent he was absorbing Greg’s talent. Greg was a bloody crimson mess, now lifeless and withered. Alice had the watch, it was open and her belly a glowing green. Carter had Grant head-locked and was back to his normal self, he was inhaling Grant’s talent, I swear that he grew bigger in stature as I watched this. We did it, we did it.

Alice turned the watch hand and my soul vibrated, only this time it shook everything. When I came too, Wil was sitting next to me on the ground, back to his usual self. Carter was sitting with Alice, who’s belly was no longer glowing but her eyes were red and she was crying. So was I only I hadn’t even noticed. Vin was on one of the marble benches head in his hands, he may have been crying to. There were 3 lumps here only now they were lumps with bushes growing out of them. Olivia was running down the path towards us and stopped short, her hair no longer a bright vibrant red, it had turned completely white. Carter looked bigger. The watch was laying in Alice’s lap and Grannie’s ring was only twinkling now.

Olivia shouted “Where is Jess and Gabriella?” Everyone looked at each other….


Back at the house a few hours had passed when Dillon came driving up in his sheriff’s car. Seems there was a huge fire he said over at the Wiley place, all of them lost. They found 3 of them in the basement. As Dillon was rambling on my vibration started again and the pocket watch that was sitting so quaintly in its box, was now on the table in front of Alice. She reached up and tuned the hands and the world spun once more. David had been taken up to bed, still out cold, thankfully.

Dillon was still rambling about the remains in the basement, fire at the Wiley’s their barns still on fire, they had to pump water from our lake and he didn’t think that was a problem. I looked at Alice as it seems no one noticed that she turned the watch hand again. Olivia was pacing near the windows, no Gabs no Jess. She was worried. As Dillon was telling us about the fire and how no one had connected anything a car pulled up in front of the house, a red convertible, in tow were Jess and Gabby.

See sweets you would not be sitting here today. If it wasn’t for your family. Your mother would not have been able to work that watch, if not for carrying you in her belly. So as we grow older, older than you know, and you about to face your first battle. Are you ready? You wanted and needed to hear this story to understand. This is now your right and how you were brought into the family of Grue.


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