Transcending- The Finale


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Transcending Pt. 4

Having just rounded the corner into the dark hallway, still hearing the clicking and sliding noises. Standing here, back against the wall. In my attempt to stay conscious and upright. Ensuring to myself that I know what is in front of me. This hallway is dark and I very well may fall to the ground and be swallowed by a hole. The unknowing sends a shiver through me and my back screams loudly as the intense sharp pain rivets through my entire body.

Getting my bearings about me, I slowly ease myself further into the passageway. Back against the wall, moving with the utmost care. To look behind me, if I was able to see I would see slimy skin and black goo where pieces of what was my skin are now strategically placed in the path I have just trodden. As my eyes adjust as well as they can, I notice that the hall opens a little farther in the distance, maybe 40 feet of straight hall. There is a very weak orangish/reddish light on one side of the hallway opening. There is a darker area just to the right at the end of the hall. This must be another room.


My thoughts again run a muck, questioning. What if there are more people in here. Do I look or do I just go for help. In my current state, if there is anyone else in here, will they be better off if I can send help back for them. If I don’t make it, well then they will never have known that hope was lost. Having gained several steps, nausea creeping through me, I hold back any attempt my body has of trying to heave. I have to get out of here, this is my mission and I am determined.

Not aware of the plan that Mister and whoever his cohorts are. I no longer want to play. Not that I wanted to in the first place. Not stopping, although time felt as if it was passing in slow motion, I creep a little farther down the hall, towards that light, although dim, it’s light none the less. Ever aware that the pain inside me is growing with every second and not being altogether sure that I haven’t already  lost any hope physically. I push forward, legs feeling like sharpened knife blades with each ensuing step.

My mind wandering to keep my sanity, old films running through my mind  harboring captive situations such as this. Trying to stay positive about this situation, thinking that it could be worse, I could have my head traped in a facial bear trap or any number of gruesome contraption puzzles. The only thing that is preventing me from gaining access to the outside is myself, as far as I an aware. I have to believe that there are chains on the door, traps or some other obstacle in my way. He wouldn’t just leave me here unbound.

Reaching the end of the hall, there was a series of those sharp clicking noises. Stopping dead in my tracks, my heart began racing and feeling it in every beat as if razors were slicing through every vein with each pulse. In a clearer state of mind I would have noticed that with every pulsating thrust, there was black bloody ooze bursting out through the incision point in my belly. The blue papery gown was now centered with a growing black, wet stain.

blood stained dress

Still the clicking. Fighting back the urge to pass out, holding the wall behind me, skin came ripping off my back, sticking to the gown. Feeling the pain, with no realization
of what was happening to my body. Felling a wetness on my back and fighting the pain. My focus was on that clicking. It overcame me in a wash of stunning realization. That clicking, it sounds almost like a conversation. Pain increasing to an unbearable threshold,  feeling defeated and ready to give up, this hurt to bad to keep going. Trying to be quiet and unseen. At the end of the hall, on the right side I know the room is there. The lighting here a little better from the red/orange glow. I can see that the hallway
continues to the left and another doorway on the right about 20 feet from where I stand. Needing to stick my head around the corner to get a better sight-line I cringe. That overwhelming feeling of dread pushing in my mind.

Attempting to be as quiet as possible, I back up to the door abutment, unaware that there was no longer organic skin left on my back, feet or arms. Feeling the tremendous pain inside. Every inch of my body screaming in riveting pain. Taking a deep breath, holding it in for a few seconds. I slowly tilt my head out just far enough. There is a dimly lit room to the right, and although unble to see what is in the room, I can tell that there is someone in there and this, well this is where the clicking is coming from. Looking to the left I can see the orangy/red light. An exit sign. My heart started racing, the pain that ensued was overwhelming and I had to resume my positon on the wall. Lightly tapping the wall with my forehead. Black ooze ran over my eyes, blinding me for a minute, not able to see anything. Rubbing my hands over my eyes, making it worse as the flesh was wiping away from my hands simultaneously.

scary face 2

What in the hell is happening to me! Feeling exhilarated that the door was so close and yet aching inside, knowing that I may not make it that far. The simple reality of the situation is that something fantastically awful was happening to my body. Only Mister knew what that was. If he was to apear before me I think that I would succomb to his every will. At this moment really what was the point. Reaching deep inside my soul, I somehow found the strength to fight. Even if all I can mange is to get out the door.
At least I will dye in the fresh air. Not in this wretched building, locked away from the world. Seemingly, I must have been convincing enough to myself, as I realized that I was now standing in the connecting hallway facing the room on the right.

I was not going to be exploring in there. That clicking noise along with the sliding noises, were enough to ground me back to reality. I can see the outline of the door up the hallway, turning to the my left, it is now directly in front of me. Remaining absolutely quiet. Moving slowly as I placed myself straight in the outline with the door that has the hideous clicking inside. How did I do that. Doesn’t matter, I need to move slowly without drawing attention. Oh shit, too late!


Upon waking, Mister was standing over me looking down. He has not changed that I was able to see. Coming into focus I am aware that there is someone else in the room, unable to see them from my current position. Once again flat on my back. The clicking began piercing my ears like the shrill of a banshee. Not comforted at all that in response to the clicking. Mister was responding to this with his own clicking. Moving closer to in to the table. Mister placed his finger in front of his mouth, motioning me to be quiet. Did I really see that jesture and what was going on in here. I lost my sense of smell at some point but the air in here was heavy. That heavy sliding began again and I screamed in astoneshment of what had moved into my sight. My heart skipped a beat and ceased.



Hearing noises around me, lifting my eye lids, my vision was hallucinogenic in it radiating auras. When moving my eyes, any solid form or color, trailed itself. Instinct tells me that I was drugged again. Mister now sitting there to the right of my field of vision. I feel nothing, the pain is gone. Everything looks so strange, yet so vivid. The details that I have never noticed before are clear and prominent. How long was I out. Why the questioning at the present moment, pointless. Feelings of fear and worry now gone. Mister
noticing that I was alert, sat up and reached out, placing his hand on my right arm. I was hearing him but his lips weren’t moving, startled I sat up straight. No real care anymore. It’s over anyway as my mind processed this entire situation. It was over. His hand on my arm, feeling the weight of it, but not feeling his skin on mine. That was the moment that I really noticed that my arms were a smooth black, my feet reflecting the same blank color in my eyes. Mister was saying something without making a sound. Hearing him clearly, “Cammie, don’t panic. Listen and just follow my lead, we’ll not be staying here much longer Poppet. You have nothing more to fear.”


I felt it before it even entered the room. That hideous, specimen of some other demented creature. The feeling that possessed me upon this encounter was not fear, it was pity. This beast encased in a swash of slippery, oozing skin, almond eyes far set apart. Upon opening it’s mouth it began clicking, noticing 2 rows of razor sharp teeth. My eyes saw this, so entrancing. Behind it dragged a tail, it was without clothing. It sounded as if it was screaming in rage at Mister.
A magnitude of sound, louder than anything I had ever heard was a clear “NOW, GET OUT” piercing my through my mind. Without a second thought, I jumped down from the table I ran. Behind me I hear more beastly clicking, things were crashing and thumping around as I closed in on the exit door.

Stopping at the door, black hands gripping the bar that would release the latch. Hearing another shrill scream, something crashed and the little bit of light went out. Pushing on the bar, nothing happened. Hell fire, this is not happening now. A chance at freedom and the door won’t open.
Hearing heavy movement behind me in the hall I closed my eyes and within a moment, I was able to see, in my mind. I could clearly see Mister, limping and bent over making his way up the hallway. I pushed the bar again and still it refused to give into my prodding.
Without fear and only a small reminder of the pain that I was in, I buckled at the knees, giving into whatever was to come in the ensuing moments.

So dark, yet I can see. Mister, Paul, his name is Paul, enclosing on my location. He’s saying something, unable to make out what he is trying to say. He is almost on top of me when he stops, breathing hard, clutching his leg. Seeing his outline and feeling the breeze from his breath.
Grabbing my arm he burst through the door and drags me behind him, bright sun shining, blinding me instantly. With my eyes closed, no longer feeling the ground beneath my feet, sensing that Paul’s hands were on my wrists. The feeling of freedom over comes me. No longer able to hear anything with my ears, Paul speaks
“Open your eyes.” At which I cautiously peek through my eyelids. This is not possible I think. “Yes Cammie it is. I told you not to try and leave. You were my task, I told you Poppet, that the people that I work for are older than time itself. That thing inside, hired me against my employer to harvest you, to bear their kind.
You see I had to go along with their plan, in order to save you to fulfill the right that has been bestowed upon you.”

In total awe I saw the world passing below me, the hallucinogenic quality making the earth look evermore wondrously beautiful. Soaring, yet feeling like I was standing on solid ground.

Later we returned to what I will describe as a cavern, a cave deep inside a mountain range. “Cammie”, unmoving lips were not easy to get adjust to ” This is your endowment, come look in the mirror and see who you have become, your transcending complete. Worry not you will play this role well, welcome to hell”.



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