Dentist Disaster Challenge

Dentist Disaster: You go in for a rather complex dental procedure and the dentist has to put you under in order to complete it. When you wake up, though, you are no longer in the dentist office. You are on a train with a briefcase handcuffed to your wrist. Just as you are soaking in this…

Bleeding walls

Groggy, head so foggy. What in the hell is going on here? My wrist hurting and I take in the reason why. Startled I move the chained case to my lap, pondering. What is this and why am I on a train? As the train weaves a bit to and fro, I’ve set my mind on opening this case, let’s make haste no time to waste here. How important can this be as there is no lock, yet it’s chained to me. Confusion setting in as I flip the latches open, a eery double click. Inside it’s revealed to me there is a golden hexagonal shaped box and a vial of chartreuse colored liquid. Drink me to see was written on the vial. Uncapped, I down it back, subliminally placing my hand on the box. I blink and when I open my eyes the train walls flow with a crimson tide.


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