Not sure why I took this gig, after all it’s not exactly my scene. Chalking it up to being the warm weather and a cure for boredom. I don’t think I’ve been bored since I started my employ here 6 months ago.  An offer to good to refuse was placed on the table to move out west and be a Talent Booking Agent with a rather lavish club, and I accepted the challenge.  After packing up and moving 2200 miles I landed in a small house on the edge of town, a desert oasis.

The first 4 weeks on the job rendered me thinking that too many people in entertainment are incurably insane. Having procured talent for record labels, cinema and other media platforms I was taken a back by the sheer rudeness and blatant audacities of the cushioned artists who were being pursued to grace our club on any given evening in the ever glowing city of  neon lights. Of which I am now the individual who is taking the brunt of ever relentless bashing by my employer and the endless stream of entertainers procured to perform for our very pampered clientele.

screaming hand

In the fifth week I had it down to a science. We were fortunate to have a house band, and talented they certainly were, although not shooting stars by any means. The drummer, Vic, was a total lush and if you could get him off the bottle long enough to sober up and play he was fantastic. The 2 guitarists were just absolutely electrifying, they should have started their own band, as I indeed suggested. Andy on lead guitar was hotter than fire and played like the strings were lightning, I was partial to Andy, solid guy. Nate on bass even hotter, a good head on his shoulders and fingers of gold. Then there was Rim, to this day still don’t understand the nickname. Rim was a ball of fire, not ugly, not hot, just possessed a cuteness about him, even if it was a bit evil at times. I’ll have it said that Rim made me more than uncomfortable.

The next 6 months of our program was layed out, booked, done. At that point, fortunate that I was able to have the opportunity to speak with some of the guests and get their suggestions. Pampered clientele can certainly have some extravagant wishes. I was able to kick back and actually enjoy myself from time to time. Over the past 6 months I have paid close attention to our house band, more closely that I probably should have, as I learned an abundance of information that would have been better left unknown. Nate went home to an alcoholic wife and 6 kids. This was a part-time thing for Nate, when he wasn’t playing here he was working full-time at a food processing plant. Vic, well this was his full-time gig. When Vic wasn’t banging on the drums he was playing poker or passed out somewhere. Andy, well he was working as a graphic artist part-time and playing here. Rim well he was the subject that I continued to watch. Not entirely sure what he did, or where he went when he left here. One things for sure, the women that clung to these guys was countless.


For some crazy reason I got the notion that I was going to make it my business to find out what Rim did outside of here.  After all he had to be doing something. He was an odd person, he never hung around long and the number of women that he went through was intriguing. I must mention the men, I had come to think that Rim swung both ways, thinking back on it, I never saw any of those faces again. He brought an instant sense of heightened alertness when he was around.  Not pleasurable for me in that respect, he just freaked me out. Although he never did anything to raise my suspicions he had that aura that clung to him.  After watching him leave with many different people on many occasions I began to wonder a little bit more about Rim.

It was the last night of that weeks worth of shows for our house band and with women present, inebriated and lustful were swarming the band like flies. I decided that this was the night I was going to follow Rim. During the bands last set I went to the bathroom and changes clothes which I had carried with me. Taking a seat in the back corner and sipping a cold coke I watched as they wrapped up, talked to guests and closed their gig until next week. The weekend would be filled with outside entertainment, keeping variety and interest by our patrons. I was set and wouldn’t be needed back at work for several nights. Ready to follow Rim wherever he went.

Sin city, so many things to do. There were no preconceived notions in my head about what Rim did other than he did something. Nate was already walking out the door carrying his bass, I felt his loneliness as the door closed behind him. Andy had met up with a cute brown-haired girl and they were laughing as they exited out the gaming floor door. Vic, he already had a bottle in one hand and blonde woman in the other. Rim, well he was talking with a cute guy, not too muscular. And here we go. Rim and his new friend went out the door onto the street. Counting to 20 I exited behind them.

I knew where he parked his little black car, so I was not so concerned with that. Following him across to the outskirts of town to a warehouse. My intrigue was engaged full tilt. My mind began to wander. Why out here, why a warehouse, actually the old faded sign said this was a cold packing plant. Now I have to know what’s up with Rim. For obvious reasons pulling in behind him wasn’t an option. Driving past was difficult, curiosity has gotten this cat for sure. Pulling into the other end of the lot, parking just behind the corner of the building. Slowly and quietly I walked to the side of the building made of concrete block. Closing in on the side of the entrance, stopping to listen. Nothing, not one noise, silent except the sound of cars in the distance. I was at a loss this night. Turning back and heading toward the car I noticed a side door, surely it’s locked. Clicking the thumb latch the door opened freely. I slide halfway inside and listened. Still no noise, as silence greeted me. Spying a stairway directly in front of me, leading to the main floor. Not tonight, this would have tobe calculated a bit differently.


Leaving there with the plan already taking shape, to come back tomorrow night, slip in that door and poke around. I had to know what the deal was with Rim and this warehouse building. Did he live there? Did he work there? I barely slept that night due to the excitement growing inside me. The plan was laid out and beyond a doubt I was in Rim’s building tomorrow night. After finally succumbing to sleep I woke the next morning, refreshed. Extremely agitated and eager for night fall. Preparing my small backpack with some supplies for snooping. Placing a penlight, gloves, knife, electrical tape and a few other items in the sack. Deciding to head down to grab a bite to eat. Parking and walking past a store to the little dinner on the end of town, I noticed a flyer in the window. Stopping dead in my tracks it was a face on that flyer that I had seen a couple of weeks ago at the club. Once I started to notice, there were several faces here that I’d seen before, all missing. A chill ran down my spine as I continued next door for some brunch.


I really had no conversation, certainly wasn’t feeling chatty after those flyers. Threw my mind into thinking about a Stephen King story. After eating a small portion of my meal, paying and heading back home I made certain not to look at the flyers again. Upon arriving home I settled down for a little nap, no way was I going to be tired for this adventure. I had planned on arriving at Rim’s just after dusk. Would he be there? And what would the consequences be if I he caught me snooping? I wasn’t going to worry about that now.

When I awoke it was already dark. Damn, I should have set the alarm. Jumping into action, I grabbed the backpack and headed out the door. Parking in the same area as the previous night, only farther back. Stopping near the side door and listened. Sure enough I heard Rim laughing, he was outside. As I peeked around the corner of the building I saw him, he was actually kind of handsome standing there under the street light glow, and he was talking on the phone. He was going to meet someone in 15 minutes on the strip. Good all the better to increase my advantage.

10 minutes or so had passed when Rim came out the door. Watching him pull away in his little car. Taking a deep breath, opened the door and stepped in letting the door close behind me. I took out my penlight and shone its tiny beam up the stairs, there was another door and a window. Damn it, muttering to myself I continued up to the next door. Once there I tried the handle and the door came open easily. Listening for a minute I heard nothing, silence, and entered into the room. It was cold in here, as of course it would be. Shining my little light beam around I saw an open warehouse floor of no distinct features. I did see another door on the other side of the room and headed for it. Rim wasn’t here and if anyone else was I would say I was here to see him.

Standing in front of the door I heard noises on the other side. I pulled on the metal door handle and the door was locked. Of course this couldn’t be easy. Rummaging for my little metal sticks and fuddled with the lock for several minutes when I heard the click. The door opened and there was a small amount of light in the room where I now stood. The noise I heard was an ac unit and a conversation that I guessed was the tv. This was a large room but not terribly large, must have been office space when this place was in operation. A small kitchen was on the left, a few beer bottle and empty bottles of bourbon were on the counter. I continued cautiously through into what was set up to be a living room, couch recliner, tv. Beyond a few windows opening to a larger area. There was his bedroom and to the right the bathroom. Slowly moving from room to room, I noticed the disheveled sheets on the bed, condoms unopened on the end table. Used condoms in the trash. I’ve seen enough here.

bedroom scary

I just didn’t need to, or want to know. The last I gazed on Rim, he was starting to grow on me, from afar. I noticed a dark spot on the sheets and didn’t really make any mind of it. I should have turn and ran right then. I pushed on, the next room was down a hall, opening the door to the stairwell. What was I doing. Looks like Rim is a normal guy. No something just wasn’t spot on with him. This had to lead to basement, probably set up for the band. Sure a studio. The next thought I had stopped me in my tracks, how long had he been gone? Okay I’ll look around down here and get out. Nothing to see here anyway.

I quickly descended the stairs and listened at the door, again silence. I clicked the thumb latch and the door swung out. It was darker down here. Cold air rushed me, blanketing my face. The stench that backed it was gruesome. Gagging I held my breath and almost spewed right there. The thought of Rim keeping all his old trash down here made me queasy. He’s a trash hoard. I’m out of here. I flicked my penlight on and my jaw dropped, there was a wall in front of me half windows and half concrete block. There was no rotting trash in here. This room was clean, eerily clean. There was a table on the far end. Through the windows I could make out freezers and coolers on the far end of the next room, but barely.Where they still on?

I walked around the wall on the left side and closed in on the other side of the room with a quickness. Feeling very unnerved. There was a dark room on the right of the freezers, a plastic curtain for a door. As the realization came to me I heard a door close somewhere behind me from where I just came. Shit, of course I was almost out of here. Proceeding to the curtained room, tripping and losing my little light, skinning my hands on the floor. Oh hell he’s going to catch me in here. My light was on and under a table across the room from where I fell. Hurrying to scuttle over and in amazement noticed that there were dark stains on the floor. Fighting the urge to puke I reached the light and found a spot to hide behind a block counter, hearing voices now and they are growing closer by the second. They are going to hear my breathing. I’m busted. All kinds of nasty thoughts raged through my head.

Possibly two minutes later Rim walked in the room, followed by his friend from last night. “Come on man let me show you the studio.” Rim tested his friend with eagerness. “Man your pad is cool as shit, I bet you get awesome acoustics in here.” Following right behind Rim, the guy sounds thrilled. Thinking that they heard me, as Rim stopped and looked around. He slid back a metal door. “Dude, what the fuck is that?” exclaimed the friend.

bloody skull

Rim swung and smashed a crow bar into the side of the guys cranium. The crack loud enough that I gasped. The guy fell instantly to the floor. My instincts were right after all. In the opening that the sliding door created there were human carcasses hanging from the old meat hooks, skinned. The guy wasn’t dead, oh hell he was moaning. Shit, how do I get out of here. Failing at rule number 1: always know where your exits are. This poor guy was trying to get up, swaying. Rim was coming back straight at him only this time he had a butcher knife in hand. Having no idea what to do. My knife, my brain was telling me to get my knife and my hands weren’t listening. In the meantime, Rim was bringing his butcher knife down into the guys frontal lobe, splitting the front of his skill in two with a hellish crack and ting, slurp as Rim pulled the knife back out. I had my knife in hand and opened without recalling having done it. Without taking my eyes off the guy on the floor, who was now twitching in a violent rage, kicking until he came to an abrupt halt.

Rim began lifting the lifeless body onto the table, even for his size at 6’2″ and solid muscle, this was a task. Once the body was on the table Rim stood there for a few minutes, if he looked long enough he was sure to see me, even not 3′ in front of him behind this wall. Sure he had seem when he began to carve into the man he befriended the night before. There was barely enough time during this facade to get a foot hold and a strong position to bolt from my hiding place. Sure that my escape was not even possible at this close range.

The knife slide out of my hand and hit the floor. Rim took notice of the noise and started straight in my direction. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was scared, petrified. Watching him come closer as he layed his eyes on me and locked me in an evil glare, his arm raising his butcher knife high over his head. I had just enough time to bolt from my place behind the counter before he was over me. Gripping my knife hard I sliced into his ankle. This caught him off guard enough that it took him a minute to try to steady himself. Thinking that he would bring his knife down in reaction, but he didn’t. Instead it seemed as if he lost a grip on it and the knife slipped a bit backwards. Attempting to stand I clutched my knife even harder and with his arm raised I slashed into the flesh in his Brachial Artery, it took a few second for Rim to notice that his knife was sliding from his hand as he lost his grip and the blood began to flow rapidly from his wound.

bloody arm

Grabbing his arm close to his chest and screaming profanities and then still glaring, he sat there clutching his arm and it was eerily silent. “Holy shit” I shouted at him “You sick bastard.” I ran as if my feet were on fire. Got in my car, locked the doors and dialed local law enforcement.


When it’s quiet the eyes that stared back at me and the snarl on his lips is all I see. Retelling the story, and the realization of my hatred of silence. He bled a lot. It took about 12 minutes for him to bleed out. In that time he cried and said nothing but whimpered and cursed. I dont know how long he had been mutilating people, hearing somewhere that they found 12 people hanging in the room behind that sliding door. More remains were found inside the freezer. It’s been said that he even had recipe books and items of a cannibalistic nature in his place. I’m still in shock at the entire scenario. The worst part of my days now are silence, it’s not golden anymore.

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