Lying Eyes

With bated breath and a yearning hunger inside
standing here close by your side
staring into these lying eyes, unknown to you

Green eyes

you’ll never see, how much you really mean to me.
Laughing, teasing there’s nothing here.
You’ll never hear my hearts song, it’s all perfect
can’t you see, I’m laughing too, see.
You shall never see inside me.
Never know how I dream of you
Never to know the wishing and dreaming of holding you near
Embracing the dreams of you, my knees weaken as your hand brushes mine
Longing to tell you, feeling the pain of this secret that will remain.

heart song
To reach up and kiss you, slide my arms around you, sheltered in your virility
Heart racing in your sweet embrace, lost in daydreams, of you.
Listening to you speak, lost in your entrancing eyes, pulled in gasping for air.

Love in the rain

Swimming in the fervent fantasies of loving you
With a snap of your fingers bringing me back to those beckoning eyes, looking deep inside
Answering you with my lying eyes that behind I hide
As you say your farewell until tomorrow, my heart once again filling with sorrow.
The want weighing inside my soul, heart slowly ripping apart
These lying eyes watch as you depart and a lonely tear escapes

blood tear

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One thought on “Lying Eyes

  1. I must agree with Keeper here. Tis hard for me to pick just one favorite though, As I love every piece you write. The flow of your words trickles through me each time I read. Wonderful piece you’ve written here.

    Liked by 1 person

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