It Doesn’t Mean Much

man and woman bed

It doesn’t mean much. The feel of a sweet, firm embrace.
The smooth invigorating kiss of softness on your lips, wrapped in hungry need.
It doesn’t mean much to be enveloped in the arms of security
or to feel a knee snug and tuck behind yours in the wee hours of the night.
It doesn’t mean much, to say whats come to mind
without judgement.

It doesn’t mean much to have a hand to hold
or those strong hands cradle your head when you
feel like the world is crashing in.
It doesn’t mean much during the heat of passion in the middle of the afternoon on a sultry summers day
When its skin on skin and the dance of true human hunger begins.
It doesn’t mean much when you catch a passing scent of his cologne and a smile gently graces your lips.
It doesn’t mean much when your dancing so slowly wrapped in each others arms
as the rest of the world melts away.
Tatted man
Nor does it mean much when tempers flare and tears may flow.
It doesn’t mean much caressing his back in the deepest of night
or when once again you are lost in a lusting bliss, tongues entwined, glistening bodies
grappling with pure ecstasy.
It doesn’t mean much.
Watching from afar as a couple is embraced in a display of affection and when the realization
strikes that the ability to feel those is but a flicker of a memory.

Blue flame hands

It doesn’t mean much.
No longer able to feel the touch of skin, the wetness of a kiss.
When being wrapped in someones arms has no feeling.
It doesn’t mean much that it was real, it doesn’t mean much
Until those things have vanished into the vapors of thin air.
It doesn’t mean much when our senses are numb
and the slap smacks you in the face and you realize there is no feeling left in an embrace.


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