Old Oak Tree

Old oak tree

For a friend

In the shade of this old oak tree, memories come in a wave over me
This old oak twisted and broken, yet still stands firm
It’s rough and weathered bark doth shield
protecting the meaty pulp of its heart
Though winds may bend and beat it down
The old tree still stands it ground.
It’s roots gripping the soil tight growing, snarling through its plight
This old oak, branches reaching out through day and night
Shelter it shall for evermore, standing here through time
not rot nor whither for it carries life within

One lone tree only it seems, look around
A forest you see. One and another standing proud
Each a part of the other, gently lifting their boughs
A system created for eternity amongst an army of greenery
Surrounding in their center this old oak tree.

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One thought on “Old Oak Tree

  1. My Sisters of The Quill know just the right time for just the right pieces and today you all shone Beautifully as a your arms wrapped around those in need like a warm blanket on a cold day.

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