Red dress

It’s raining outside, I can hear the patter on the window pane.
The clock glowing, blaring it’s iridescent blue hue across the room 3:33 am
“I see you trying to sneak out the door without so much as a goodbye.”
“Come back, stay awhile” I beckon.
“You should sit with me for just a bit longer” I plea to my visitor.
“No, it’s time for me to go now, I’ve been with you far too long now.” She replies on a somber note
She has a beautiful gown, white and silver strands of beading glisten in the shimmer from the street light that beams in through the window.
Her head is turned, I can not see her face. Her shoulders hunched slightly forward as if she is crying.
Why is she crying, unable to reason this in my mind. We have been friends for such a long time.
Surely she isn’t leaving now, it’s been us thick and thin since I took that first flight.
That was a glorious memory, soaring in the night sky, the twinkling of each star as they surrounded me.
But back to matters at hand. My best friend and she is getting ready to walk out my door and leave me alone.
She only shook her head, just slightly.

Woman in white
“Please, please come back and sit with me.” My heart begins to quicken it’s pace and an urgency began to plead inside me.
“Don’t go, I need you still. I need to have you here with me. Please I’m not ready.” Sounding like a begging fool.
It’s panic I feel, overcoming me in the soft illumination of this room.
Sitting up straight in my bed, eyes widened and a shrill scream failed to pass through my lips.

fairy green eyes
The woman in front of me, beautiful, red hair, green eyes not one trace of age on her face.
A sadness laying there, one of sorrow and parting.
As we gazed at each other, my arms reaching for her, beckoning her to come to me.
I see my face and the look of sheer terror, tears streaming, hands motioning for her to come back to me.

She just stares with an empty apologetic look.
The fear growing inside me, unable to move my legs, hands flailing at her, heart racing.
“Please, please, please I’m begging you, please do not leave me not yet! Please, please”
She slowly, almost weightless glides to my bed side., sitting down next to me. The feeling of peace and tranquility pass through me.


I awoke with a jolt, sitting bolt upright on the bed, white lace nightie in tangles. My heart racing.
Tears still streaming down my face. The alarm clock with its blue light shouting at me 4:15 am.
It was still raining, only a bit harder now, slating at the window like ice.
Leaving me crying. I pinch myself. I am awake. The panic still real, that was surreal.

crying angel

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One thought on “Contemporaneous

  1. Panic. Pain. Memories. Letting Go but holding on. Rush of heart in and out like breathing holding your bbreathing again. This was truly a heartfelt piece deep from within. Exceptional writing. Xo

    Liked by 1 person

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