LA trees

After this flight I will be so ready to hit the hay. After deciding to take up my friends offer and come out to their place and spend the next two weeks.
They were going to be out-of-town this weekend but Emily and Dan were always traipsing around. They would return on Wednesday. I would have their house to myself for some much-needed relaxation for a full 4 days before they returned and we could catch up then.

For now, as we are about to land I was just hoping that the car service would be there and I would have rather little wait.
The ride alone would be an additional 40 miles out to the upscale, gated community that Em and Dan lived in. Last time I was here on the west coast they had just finished renovations on the house and it was a bit of a mess. That was 2 years ago.


After retrieving my bag from the return I began to look for my driver. Spotting him immediately with the sign reading “Ms. Blakely”.

“Hi, that would be me.” I announced, rather a bit proudly

“Ma’am” He replied as he took my bag and escorted me to the car.

Once inside relaxing was what I really wanted to do. In all honesty I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. Having never been one to be able to sleep on a plane on or in a moving car, sleep would have to wait a little longer. I rolled down the window and took in the sunshine and palm trees. Feeling the warm breeze on my face.

Arriving at the guard gate, the driver announcing my arrival to the guard who in turn came to my window and handed me an envelope. Em’s handwriting sprawled across the front. Her print always so beautiful and perfectly straight and her letters tight. Opening the envelope to find a note and 2 keys inside. The note read:

“Hi, Shay, you have complete use of the house and car.”

How sweet, but Em knows that I’m not driving out here in LA. What funny thoughts that evoked as sat back in the seat. Last time I drove out here I was lost going up and down the same two roads. I may be from New York but LA traffic is the pits. No, thank you. I will rely on the car service, besides I’m on vacation and I don’t want to think anymore for another 2 weeks.

As the car pulled into the drive I smiled. Finally I can relax. Having mailed a package ahead with some goodies, clothes and toiletries, a bottle of my favorite red wine was waiting for me. After tipping the driver, getting his card and retrieving my bag I opened the gate to the yard. A feeling of freedom embracing my senses and I allowed a huge sigh to release as I closed the gate.

Once inside the house, having forgotten the gorgeous layout in here. I placed my bag to the side of the foyer and wandered in the house. The back wall looking out onto the pool and patio area let in an amazing amount of sunshine and one would swear the house was trimmed in gold. The time was right for a glass of wine and a nap. Although it was only 6pm here it felt a lot later and I wanted to curb the jet lag early. Turning to the left and retrieving a wine glass from the beautiful wooden rack over the granite bar. I grabbed my bag, locked the front door and headed straight up the stairs to the guest room.


As I entered the richness of the reds, golds and browns of the room engulfed my senses in comfort. On the table there was the box that I shipped. I opened it and found my wine. Pouring a glass and having a seat in the high back chair looking out over the neighborhood. I was almost immediately relaxed and was aware that I almost let the wine glass slip out of my hand. finishing my drink I slipped out of my suit and into my red silk nightie. I remained awake for only moments after I slide into the soft, fluffy bed.

Having awoken to darkness I was lost for a minute as I had forgotten where I was. Good thing Em left some night lights on and it looked like the pool area was completely lit up. Upon regaining my place I decided to wander downstairs. The travertine tiles that covered the ground floor were cool against my bare feet as I descended from the bottom step. Looking out the wall of windows, the pool area was indeed entirely lit up.


I unlocked and opened the door, stepping out onto the patio. The underwater pool lights were on, causing the water to sparkle wildly against the window, reflections shimmering off every surface. Emily and Jake sure made this a magnificent entertainment area. There were white lights trickling through each tree and bushes that surrounded the backyard. The feeling of begin in a fantasy land made me giggle out loud. I continued to walk around the yard, the grass dry, but cool under my feet. A very slight breeze whispering through my hair.

Walking the entire way around the pool and back to the patio. I had to take a swim, this pool was beautiful. The underwater light sparkling off the emerald-green and black tiles under the water making it even more inviting. The backyard was fenced and the entire property line covered with trees and bushes and flowering plants. I think that I had a small conversation with myself. Skinny dip, why yes, yes I think I will and I slipped off my nightie and slowly walked down the steps into the cool water. Invigorating my senses, my skin instantly chilled as I slowly slid into the water. I swam to the other end of the pool and back again. Thinking to myself that I could stay here all night and just hang out in the pool.

I jumped a good foot when I saw a man out of the corner of my eye. He was standing by the back door, smiling. Immediately my body and my mind went into protective mode. Subconsciously covering my breasts as I shouted out to the man.

“What the, who the hell are you?” I stated fairly harshly
“I think you know who I am. Mind if I join you?” His voice seemed familiar, calm and smooth
“I don’t know you. I think you should leave.” That sounded shaky, feeble coming out of my mouth
“Are you sure you want me to go? I will as long as you are absolutely sure that’s what you want.

I had no words. I could only watch as this man, who was very solid, well-defined and had an angelic face although his long hair kept being swept over his face. Unable to remove my eyes from him as he removed his shirt, revealing a plethora of intriguingly designed ink. No, I didn’t want him to go. My mind was a bit confused as I was scared and intrigued, apparently as I had dropped my arms to my side as I continued to stare at this splendorous stranger.

As he removed his pants I was unable to do anything but look at him in awe and puzzlement. My mind was going 80 mph and I think I was standing there in shock. If he was a murderer I was done for as I was unable to move. Closing my mouth that had dropped in wonderment. My visitor chuckled and smiled and I was sure at that moment I wasn’t interested in having him go anywhere, but right over here to me. Standing here in the shallow end of the pool, staring, looking like a doe in headlights. My skin covered in goosebumps and my nipples erect as I was standing in water up to my waist and dripping wet.

It seemed like an hour passed from the time the man peeled his clothes off and the time he was standing in front of me. He was huge, his muscles rippled with the slightest of moves, the ends of his dark hair wet, his skin glistening and we just stared at each other for minutes. No words, no movement, just gazed. There was a familiar air about him, yet I did not know him.


Thoughts went racing through my head. He had to be a friend of Dan’s. That’s the only thought that passed through my mind. He lifted his hand up to my left cheek, his thumb resting just below my ear, our eyes were locked. His blue eyes piercing and at that moment I was lost as three words passed through his lips “I’ve missed you”. His lips pressed against mine and he kissed me passionately. Giving in completely as I allowed him to take me there in the pool. Sweet, passionate love was made as I succumbed to him without hesitation. We remained in a longing kiss for what seemed like hours after we finished our greedy pleasure.

He lifted my legs in one arm and carried me into the house. We ended up in the bed, cuddled in the billowy sheets, kissing with longing in each breath. Drifting off into sweet sleep, naked, wrapped in this strangers strong arms and at that moment I knew where heaven was.

I woke with a start, shivering slightly. My head was in a foggy blanket as I lay there completely naked sprawled out on the sheets, my hair still damp. Sitting up I could only think about the stranger and where he got off to. I walked to the bathroom and it was empty. Having found my robe and wrapping it around me. That would be a situation I did not want to explain to Em and Dan. If I startled the housekeeper in my nakedness on the first morning there. Having walked the entire upstairs with no sign of the stranger, I felt a feeling of loss at not finding him. His name still eluded me and tremendously out of character for me to have sex with a strange man in a blink of an eye.

Continuing down to the first floor, walking into the kitchen. The possibility was there that he started coffee, anyway maybe he was in the kitchen. A giggle escaped my lips as the thought of him naked making breakfast would have been exemplary. After all, I was ravished. Turning into the kitchen he was not there. I don’t think that I really expected him to be, hoping he was, yes.

Opening several cupboards before locating the coffee filters I ground the beans and poured the water in the machine and got the coffee brewing. It just so happened that I turned around and noticed that there was a piece of paper on the fridge. Stepping over to read the note, my heart began to race at the words I read there:

“Hi Shay,
Hope the trip went well. We will be home on Wednesday. Make yourself at home.
The Fridge and pantry are stocked. Sorry that the pool isn’t ready for you on your first day
of vacation. We had to have it drained and a crack repaired and some new tiles. The pool
company will be out on Monday to get it filled and ready.
Can’t wait to see you!
Call if you need anything.
Em and Dan”

Dry pool

My heart dropped and I sprinted to the back door. It stood wide open as we left it last night. The pool was bone dry, not one drop of water in it. Reaching up to my hair that was still damp, my nightine still on the patio where I left it. I walked through the door, overwhlmed with  an unsettling fear. I stood there and a breeze lightly kissed my cheek.

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