Letting Go

Upon twilight’s sweet kiss, broken heart still a miss.
Longing in each beat holding true, surrenders to the fleeting glimpse of light.
Loneliness creeping in this night, upon wings of angels wishes take flight, in hopes they find you there.
Kisses on the breath of earths gentle breeze.
Cheeks glisten with tears flowing free.
Here in this heart where love still shows, entwined love still knows.
Kneeling here there is no fear, your love speaks in the sound of crashing waves, rustle of the leaves, the warmth of the breeze.
The heart aches, weeping as it breaks.
It’s time to say, I still love you with each beat.
Now these feet, take a step and with blessed kiss on finger tips floating in the breeze
It’s time to let you know, my love remains unchanged
Press myself into this world, apart, as I search to stitch this tainted heart
It’s time to let you go.
Dreaming of you so free and true, though pain restrained
Knowing that you smile again. Releases me from sorrows hold.
You are now forever gold.


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