Dance of Desire

My body in frenzied heat as I stood there in this club, traversing my way to the back bar, my head already half swimming in a pool of alcohol. These costume parties were pretty intriguing on a general note. Another shot sliding down my throat, inhibitions withered away as my hips begin to sway. Thinking ahead, the taxi I called should be here in just a few fleeting minutes. The heavy rhythmatic beat making way for the sexy vixen lurking inside to come out and play at least to let off a little steam.

Ordering up just one more, the hard hot body that pressed up against my back was not to be ignored. Not in costume I arrived scantily dressed in a crimson satin dress, the mass that presented itself behind me now bulged at the top of my derriere, enabling a wicked smile across my lips as I licked down the last of my drink. Turning around, my hips still swayed to the beat, nipples now erect and protruding anxiously. Facing a divinely alluring man dressed in pirates garb, a shiver ran down my spine and I knew that there was no turning back. Hands entwined our bodies danced in time to the heavy beat. As we swayed, our bodies moving closer together, a wafting scent of rum and coconut from his lips greeted the recesses of my senses as our lips met in a gentle kiss.

Grabbing his hand we exited in a hurried shuffle out the front door. “Wait” He exclaimed as we escaped from the heavy atmosphere inside. Just above a whisper he continued “I have only a short time, only this one night and…” Placing my finger over his lips hushing his rant. “Shhh” leading him to the car. His attempt at speaking several times, was met with a strange otherworldly utterance from my own lips “Say nothing”.

He remained silent as we pulled in the drive, paying the taxi. Without hesitation I led him inside. Ascending to the bedroom was an instant flash, before he was on the bed I had his tongue in my mouth, entwined with mine in an exotic dance keeping time to unheard beat. With hungry lashing of tongues, our wet lips caressing, my eager hands ripped away the white shirt that he wore, already dampened from the radiating heat of his body.

My fingertips running over his bare chest, teasing his taunt nipples as I pressed my lips against his, continuing to devour the taste of him. Ever so lightly sliding my fingertips over his hard abs to the enclosure of his pirates trousers. With my breast cupped firmly in his hand he gripped the back my neck with his free hand, bringing our mouths tighter together. One snap was all it took to release him from his bindings. Having been so long since my last sexual encounter the fluttering in my stomach produced an exhilarating need. Stepping back to take him in, Never wanting to forget this night of sin. Sensuous kisses I allowed linger on his chest.

The feel of his skin beneath my fingers, the smell of him, intoxicating, as we entwined. Lust taking us with deep need as we danced slowly together as one, his powerful arms enclosing me in a sultry embrace. The taste of his lips, smell of his skin, pulsating together skin on skin. This dance of desire fueled by the frenzy within. Our fingers intertwined as exhilarating ecstasy consumed us as gentle moans escaped on panting breath. Succumbing to delectation as our bodies relaxed in a deep embrace. Closing my eyes as sleep swept in overtaking me.

Awaking in the wee hours of the morning, as the bed shifted under the pressure of him, he began his retreat. Watching him as he dressed, my lips gently smiling as his white dress shirt hung open leaving an erotic impression in my mind. He slid his black pants on not taking the time to secure them. Having only blinked for a mere second, he was gone. Jumping out of the bed I followed him, to no avail. His sweet and spicy scent hanging in the air. The door never opened, his buckled boots still placed on the rug near the door slowly began to fade. Urgently looking around my eyes met with a misty form, his eyes a fading black. just as his form dissipated into the air he blew a kiss, gently fluttering through my messy hair, I would have sworn that on the billowy breeze were words in a whispery breath a haunting “I’ll be back, you’ll see”.

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3 thoughts on “Dance of Desire

  1. Beautiful and sensual soft, this is wonder image to have ones mind glide through
    very well done
    you mastered this so well, a great way to challenge yourself to something new,
    Bravo girl Brad 👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Liked by 3 people

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