Rendezvous- Pt. II- The Reading

Upon entering the legal offices that were currently in control of Randall’s estate my eyes laid upon the man who had handed me the letter at the funeral home. This man had a commanding presence, even though he was walking in the opposite direction down the hall. He stopped for what must have been barely 10 seconds. Enough of a break for me to notice him before he continued on, without so much as a glance backwards. Noticing the gold plaque on the wall to my left I entered Mr. Stein’s office for the reading of Randall’s will. Musty and barely illuminated was the office, aged with the passing of time. The walls lined with what seemed an endless sea of legal literature.

Rachel and Robert were already seated on the emerald sofa with their backs facing the window, looking as shallow and irritable as ever. Restraining a laugh, which would have been most inappropriate at the time, was the thought that they were sitting there waiting for the let down of their lives. Behind the innately carved desk sat a stiff man, who I assumed was Mr. Stein, and whom looked to be all of 100 in his fine stripped black suit and matching bow tie. As I took my place in the velvety wrapped emerald chair seated directly in front of Mr. Stein, the man with the deep brown eyes entered the room accompanied by two well dressed men following behind, the door was closed. No words were uttered only tense glances between all present. Happening to look up I noticed that there was a door to the left on the back wall behind Mr. Stein’s desk and directly vertical to where Robert and Rachel sat.

A deep, yet frail voice began the reading with the general expectation of everyone present. However, at that very moment my heart dropped as if I was hit in the chest by a fastball, it occurred to me that I should have planned a hasty retreat. As I was about to become enemy number one. The brown-eyed man must have noticed my discomfort as he met my glance with a gentle nod, it shouldn’t have, but I was placed at ease. Barely having paid attention to what was being stated about Randall’s will, it was Rachel’s horrific gasp that regained my attention. Allowing my mind to come back from where it wandered, to the audio being played of Rachel and Robert discussing Randall. This was not setting very well across the room with either sibling as Rachel became vocal, demanding that the playback stop immediately.

I was overhearing Rachel on the speakers, the words appalling “Robert, I demand that we make sure that Randall signs everything over to us. We can declare him mentally unstable, just look at him, his mind is nowhere near present he’s a rambling lunatic and he doesn’t deserve all that money Robert.”

“Oh Rachel, and how would you suggest that we entice to sign such papers or anything agree to anything for that matter. Randall may be irrational, lost in his lust of anything that he deems extraordinary, but he is hardly ignorant. Extravagant and down right makes my skin crawl with the imaginary world he lives in, but I hardly think that he will sign anything. I agree sister we should ensure that we receive all his fortune, I know that I have invested poorly, but Randy, well my dear brother shall pay for our suffering, the crazy coot”.

I fidgeted in my chair, as Randall’s voice came through the speakers “Brother and sister, true colors always shine through. I detest what’s become of you. Therefore, you both shall receive NOTHING, not one cent! Robert, you should have listened to the advice that you were given all those many years ago. You should have put down that bottle of brandy and not spread the lust of your loins and money to the tramp who in the end took you for all your cash. Oh Rachel, you see sister, I guess it would be wise to say now that you should have looked out for yourself better. You should have quit chasing gold and jewels long ago and stabilized your own future. It is with heavy heart that you should bare your secrets, having been taken for your inheritance by the man who you struck whilst you were on a drug infused rampage after having found him in mid interlude with another woman in a parking lot. On the last note, your secrets are still that, although my fortune will not be left to the likes of you two to squander away. You may exit now you sniveling little heathens for it’s no longer my presence that you will be forced to endure any longer!

Rachel was already standing and protesting, Robert was right behind her, his hands on her shoulders, he looked as if he was about to keel over right there. The anticipation, anger and laughter at this site was welling up inside. Randy would have had a huge chuckle watching these two. Even the anger seems a false veil for them. As I sat there, eyes affixed on Rachel, she lunged at me. The corner of her clutch catching the left side of my face with an instant sting. I didn’t even have time to stand before brown eyes and the 2 accompanying men had Rachel and Robert in their arms, escorting the struggling, obnoxious pair out of the room. Mr. Brown Eye’s closed the door behind them and turned to face Mr. Stein and I.

The air in the room was weighted, heavy to breathe. Tension and humor all were entangled with their holds on me while I sat looking back and forth between the two men. Mr. Stein began with an introduction, turns out Mr. Brown Eyes was known as Andrew. We shook hands as Mr. Stein continued with what seemed his endless informational rambling, I had in turn lost interest. Andrew walked to the back room and emerged with a brown envelope that was closed with a cord and proceeded to hand it to me. Stein commenced with advising me that all of Randall’s funds had been turned over into accounts that were in my name, information was enclosed in the envelope, along with keys to the house, buildings and car. Also enclosed I would find Randall’s instructions. I was overwhelmed with love, appreciation, loss and fear began to wrap it’s clutching grasp on me, tears began to fall. I was advised that Andrew would be accompanying me to gather my things and retreat to Randall’s, or as it was now, my home. It is there that I would begin to unfold Randall’s secrets. Andrew escorted me out the door without a word, his hand never leaving my elbow as we walked out into the light of the day and hurried to a sleek black car and drove away.

The anticipation and apprehension of Randall’s home was weighing on me terribly, although beautiful, what loomed inside of me was terror at the thought of being in that house, alone.

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