I Know You- By The Grue Baron- Tony Norton


I Know You

I Feel You
I Feel Your Despair
I Smell the Disdain
Your Disdain
I know those Contours of Your Veneer
I See the Constrictions of Your Delicate Eggshell Shell
Your Oh So Fragile Dam
The Dam
that holds back ….
…. Groaning….


A Reservoir of Leagues and Fathoms of Hidden Teetering Tears
I know the layers of that Greasepaint Masque
I know Your script
The Lines Learned
Your Queued Entries
Timely Exits
Your Sorry Scenes
Your Acts
Your Parts
I know those Parts
Those Parts You Play
You Play So very well

Drama Girl
A Performance
Oscar Worthy each time
A Million Miles from the hidden truth
I know Your Sadness
I know Your Facade
Your Silent Scream
In the depth of Sleepless Night
After Night
After Night
I know it all
I feel You
Your Despair
You are Me

– By Tony Norton, The Grue Baron

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Copywrite 2015

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