Snuffwalk- By Richard Bell- Traumatized Challenge

HOt Horror Chic

Bruno hired the girls from the squats around the city
His boss was made of shadows and bereft of love or pity
Cash up front, no questions they got a message from a burner phone
A warehouse by the riverside and proviso that no one must know
Was this art? Was it style? Was it ultimate expression?
The girls would walk in haute couture, the House of Style Excision
And those whom made an impact on the dark exclusive clientele

Weird lady
Would be dispatched by gunshot in their stride and stripped off where they fell
The catwalk a snuff runway for the decadent, the bored elite
The bold designs, materials exclusive to a murder meet
Every outfit purchased was a life dispatched with souvenir
The seasons colours bathed in red delivered with a part that’s sheared
“Walk my little sparrow, my waif with nobody that cares
Shimmer in the spotlight and glide like you are cushioned air

Ghostly woman
There and back and quick change for the payday of a movie star
With outfits on to die for that will never make the H Bazaar”
The pounding beat disguised the shots and crash of murdered girl
This fashion show kept underground and moved around the world
The height of clothing culture and a hunt are trophies for elite

Bone dress
Whose funds outweigh their morals incognito from their power seats
At the clubs and dinners, at their fundraisers and lavish balls
The bold elite display their finest threads that no one knew at all
The label non existent so exclusive and so highly prized
If you wear Excision you know that somebody has walked and died.

Blood Trail

Story via Richard Bell

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