Ley Lines- By Tony Norton

Ley Lines Entwined

Close your eyes – be still – Connect
Connect- Back Again – To that place in your mind’s eye
Where calmness lulls our humanly humours
Picture with me – A Walled Garden on the sheltered green lea side of a ragged Welsh Cliff top.
Charged with Celtic Mystic – where Heaven clandestinely courts the Earth
Where dimensions merge in and out of each other
And physics allows the Lovers to blur
With eternal heavenly feeling of force
Two that roll entwined as one.
Feel with me an ancient Magic in the air.
A Magic Older than Age
Smell with me crisp clean air – full of Sea Salt Spray
..carried hurriedly in from sheer Coastal Cliff’s by sheer Coastal Winds.
Hear with me the seagull’s painful cries
Demanding our attention skyward

man and woman space
Deflecting our interests away from this their secret
Taste with me the sickly sweet pollen – thick and heady in the ripe garden
Flowers lovingly tendered – nurtured by Mother Nature’s undivided vernal attention
Close your eyes and truly see.
Ethereal music – wind and waves
Swaying summer swish of trees – rhythmically teasing a beat
Whispering out the terra’s pulse of life.
Hold with me here in this ley line gateway and know that Magic truly exists.
Connect –parallel- observe- time and space –
dissolving before our very eyes.



For in the moment – in that One moment We are One!!
Magic is real – a tangible hidden truth that lives and hides within us all
In turn we live within the vibrations of this Wonderful World
A Wonderful World that is Whole and One.
The Whole World is at One with the Universe
And Our Consciousness is the Universe
We are Eternal -and the door is unlocked by the closing of our eyes.

Awaken the mind

Written by Tony Norton, The Grue Baron

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Copywrite 2015


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