The Way

Melting heart 2

When the veil of night kisses the last of day, when hearts are bare reaching for love and it’s not there. In the breeze a whispering calls my name, passion burns inside despite fighting through another lonely night. The glow of moonlight kisses lips longing for tender response. Reaching for that hand to hold, a snuggle in the night so bold. A smile and twitch of understanding. It’s left me here alone where I’m still standing. Reaching out, searching out loud carrying my head in the clouds. Opening the door for my heart to go on, reeling in and not letting go. Fighting through each painstaking day wondering what lays ahead, heart sinks longingly with dread and fear. Yet knowing that there is more out there somewhere so I go on.SHadow Kiss

Phoenix Fiery Banner

Copywrite 2015

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