Wandering Man


Emptiness creeps in slowly foraging for a soul that’s dimmed, be not afraid to cry for it is now that angels are tasked their quest.

Under dark, shrouded veil of pain its loves light you’ll find you’ll keep. When all is lost and hope has fled. Hear this now as its read.

May angels abound to you and wrap you in their wings of strength, cry the trumpets in resounding harmony, as they carry souls to peace.


Calling all angels to surround your heart, give to you the strength to spar. In your darkness may they shine loves light for you. Hold you up through the pain so you will come through the darkness, in time as it wanes.

In ever humble solitude may strength and peace be blessed on you. With angels to hold your hand, together with you they will stand.


When in the darkest hour you fail to see the light, may they carry you on wings of comfort through the pitch of night.

Angels in this time of test hold them close and guide them best. Err not for humans sake but in love and light be not to this heart take. A soul to shine over and guide this plight through the emptiness and fright. Tasked at hand fill the soul of the wandering man.


CopyWrite Generic 2016

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