The Golden Cabin

She stared out into the wooded hillside, hands gripping the hot mug without the realization that what he left within her was already gaining its grip on her soul. Inside She felt empty as the big old house she stood in now. Every creak and utter as the house shifted with the forces of nature outside. She stood there lost in a wandering thought of what she left behind in the city.


She was happy she decided to go for a brisk evening walk down to the lake, it was surprisingly warm and the light breeze through her hair made her feel free. The crunching of the many hued leaves beneath her feet, made her hum a little tune as she gracefully traversed the path through the trees.

Her mind wandering, lost in the thoughts of the city, the man she so loved, the loss she felt. She wasn’t phased by the small tear on her leg, as she itched it absent minded, drawing just a little crimson to the surface to stain her jeans.

Lost in her memories or what memories she was able to recall, as she wandered down the path towards the deep, cool lake.

As she stepped out of the tree-line to the flower lined stone path she noticed a bench on the right, she didn’t remember that being there. Must have been something that John had added over the years. She stopped to sit for just a few moments as the sun began its dance of decent.

She found herself swaying back and forth in the breeze along with the branch’s of the pine and willow trees that caressed the shore of the lakes edge.

She woke sometime later, how much time had passed she wasn’t sure, only now it was dark and the air smelled heated, salty. It almost had the aroma of burning, yet as she gazed around all she saw were the twinkling of the House lights through the trees and the little lighted pathway through the woods.

Her thigh ached with a burning, tearing that was now prominent in her mind as her vision began to blur and her body began to weaken. Caught off guard she opened her eyes wide to see that she had fallen against the hard sodden ground.She must have hit a rock or the bench as her hue was tinted a bloody red.

Her head began to throb as the lake laps licked at the shoreline. Her mind running through its own maze of the past few weeks. Detectives at the door of the brownstone back in the city. The alarm blaring out it’s deafening tone making her head hurt. Looking at his body laying on the shimmering steel table. How could she identify that? There wasn’t much there, how dare they even ask. The blood that caked in his hair and the medical examiner telling her it was some kind of animal or so they thought.

Why was she still out here in the dark? She attempted to move her legs, she gasped, the pain that instantly shot up her legs from toes to hips felt like her legs had been replaced by swords and they were gouging into her waist as she tried to move.

She was twisted at an odd angle as she lay there on the ground. Tears falling, filling her eyes with crimson stains as the tears hit the stones of the walkway. With the last of her humanity was all that remained.

She did not hear the gnashing of teeth as they took grip on the back of her neck. She only felt the instant heat and stench of the breathe of the enraged beast as his teeth sank into her throat.

Image of creature art by Nuco Lemonatophoto credit:–ravener-1335046

Her mind raced through a million stills as the last of her brains energy sent off sputtering shrills of its existence. Her lifeless body lay there twisted and covered in a bloody tangle. As the moon slowly faded in the background over the weeping willows and pines. The birds began their cackle signifying dawn.

As the days passed and no one came to call. The sister vacation started off a little dull. They were all present in the kitchen, fresh brewed coffee drizzling into the pot. The aroma that filled the room gave Kim a nostalgic feeling. They were all so happy to meeting here, finally after last few years.

Jilly’s smartass humor kicked in just then. Wondering where that Sandy was she’d been here already for about week, why the hell wasn’t she in here for coffee. Very odd indeed. Kenj.’s eyes met with Jilly’s and they both filled their mugs. “Time for a walk ladies.”. As they exited the house.

They could see the sparkling reflection of the lake as they came down the pathway through the trees without spoken words they sat on the bench that been set beside the path. Sipping their coffee, as the sun sparkled. All three ladies sat quietly looking around.

Kim gasp as she was startled back by what she saw. A breeze began to blow and on it a whisper “I’ve missed you girls, so happy you could come.”.

Sandy, in all her glory smiling wide. Her hair perfectly golden hued petals in bloom, her body the most gorgeous green and she swayed in the breeze like a dancing queen and she smiled a smile it had been years since they had seen.

Tribute to my asylumsisters. As always with love and imagination~Phoenix

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