Setting myself free I aim to allow my heart, mind and soul to be free.  For me these things come in words, as you will see. Take a peek this is a journey one of discovery, of reaching deep in the recesses of myself, who knew that the act of flipping a light switch would open upon worlds into the imagination, of which is a characteristic that I am blessed to still have retained.  I may write an entire story, each chapter takes less than an hour, a poem mere minutes. I want to see what comes next, when I really set my mind to it, I am ready. Raising my glass to you for inspiring, encouraging and standing by me, when in the height of self doubt and fear I almost lost my faith in myself to do this.  It’s to all of you I give thanks and ask you to join me as I explore.

I know not which path these trail of words will lead me. Looking back means knowing where I am firmly rooted this my friends is where this journey begins. Take my hand and we shall see just where we wind up after the journey through this twisty, trail. Keep the candle close, there maybe a need in the darkest corners for you to lend a spark.

It’s time to step out into this forest of trees and see where my imagination really wants to take me, come and have a wander, or just sit for a spell, for my stories not yet told it’s just now in it’s infancy, watch me explore. A word of caution I will make, be careful for just beyond the light there is darkness, it comes in many forms.

Still have that candle handy friend?  I think we are going to need that.


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