Luscious Lap



First touch of strong fingers entwined in mine, the warmth of skin through the crispness of your shirtsleeve, resting arm on arm. Butterflies tremble deep inside. The depth of your eyes magnetizing. Whispering in my ear all those magical things a woman longs to hear. The sweetness of your breathe on my neck awakens my skin endlessly.

Walking along hand in hand underneath the veil of moon kissed night. Resisting every ounce of desire to reach up and kiss you, infinitely.  The sensation of  heat radiating from your skin, as if heaven is bleeding through your shirt. Reaching the edge of the lake, tall oak trees enveloping us underneath their sturdy canopy.

Pressing my back against the course bark of the tree. The totality of senses heightened to an impassioned state clutching you close, lips converging as tongues plead longingly. The relevance of our bodies coupling firmly together as our kiss deepens in passionate urgency, igniting a spark within, my hands ensnaring  your arms.

Couples sex in the rain

The buttons of your crisp shirt come undone one by one. Hearts pulsating firmly as our clothing collects on the ground. Sweet whispers as gentle breezes brush against heated bodies, stimulating skin. Exposing flesh to the open surroundings eagerly absorbing each other through slippery tongues.

Fingers gliding over supple skin as we lay on the blanket, the cool ground penetrating and desire burns its seductive flame, a whispery breathe calling your name. Your firmness rousing against wanting flesh. As the wetness of cool tongue traces and kisses at firm nipples. Sliding over quivering flesh as the path to ecstasy is traced. The rain beginning to pat softly, glistening our bare skin.

sexy man lips

The scent of you invigorating to me is intoxicatingly sweet, and spicy as it mixes with the freshness of the dampened grass. Lost in tender pleading kisses, those strong hands slowly moving higher along my thighs. Moistness interludes with the gentle swaying of hips. Tension builds as the coolness of lusts beckoning tongue lingers in moments of pleasure gliding fervently on tender skin as the rush of climactic moans and waves of clenching passion begin.

It is then that passion overcomes to penetration succumbs. The weight of your body bearing down, hand gently lifting my derriere from the ground as roles reverse. Deep eyes glistening looking into mine as slow passion builds the rain trickles down whetted skin. The feeling of fullness inside undeniable ecstasy as we commence on this slow, teasing ride.


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Bare Reflections-18+


Mirror thong

So hot it’s just begun, catching a passing reflection in the oversized built in mirror.
Standing here in thong and heels, steel clanking in my hands
Securing his wrists in a few short strokes, not able to hide his nervous eyes.
He’s tatted up and in my cuffs and now begins a playful dance
starting with a wicked glance, removing the box from under the bed
As my mouth begins to encircle his head, round and round I go down
I feel him stiffen in my throat, just a tease for a second please


Reaching in the box the toys are there for fun to share.
Cuffed him yes and in his heightened snare, is where he thinks I’ll leave him there
Not a chance this is a dance, first my move and then I’ll give and let him take his turn
Knowing not his ending, should have taken a clue before befriending
But first a tease, sliding my whetted tongue down his throbbing length, looking at him he’s nervous as sin as this game begins.
Opening the box for him to see all the pleasures inside and he looks at me
Straddling him I raise my hips, his mouth ever so close feeling his hot breath on my sex lips, I push my hip into his face
Taking the clue and clenching my thong between his teeth I lift my hips until the cloth has been moved down my thighs,
leaving my bare love mouth staring him in the face, pulling my panties the rest of the way, his tongue sliding up to meet my clit.
Heaven steals my breath from me in ecstasy as I glide on this slippery slide, knowing the ending here I can not lie


I’m going to enjoy this firmness sliding deep inside. That’s it, look me in the eyes while I bury you deep inside
Slowly losing your hardness and gaining back once more inside, as you begin to roll your eyes.
Such a shame I don’t know your name, not what matters anyway
Stopping short, you may not cum, not yet and ruin the fun.
Uncuffing his hands they take their place running his thumbs across my erect nipples
Breathing heavy his chest heaves bending me forward and enters me
Thrusting his thick prick inside as my hips rock
Penetration mounting in feverish rhythm, moving away, it’s cat and mouse
Given the chance, awaiting his pounce. leather strap clutched in hand, he begins to mount
wicked grin, he did not see the object placed on the tip of my finger.
Laying me back, strategically placing the leather strap across my neck gently forcing his weight into the strap
simultaneously sliding his throbbing cock inside my wet snatch, choking me
Through his thrusting losing his grip on one end of the strap, he replaces it with his hand now pressing hard as he thrust


Faster panting, he begins to groan as he comes ever closer to climax. Griping tighter on my throat, gasping for air
unable to scream in relish frenzy as he tightens his grip and begins his final triumph, gripping even tighter to my throat in his gratifying rousing
as he releases his juices in full erotic glory I catch a glimpse in the mirror as I bring my hand to his throat and with the gentle stick
watch him as his eyes roll back in his head and his deep red blood begins to drip on the sheets.
This old mirror wasting no time as the banshee bitch appears and with a haunting scream gathers up this nameless thing
Left here looking into that mirror revealing nothing but this bare reflection.

Banshee Bloody

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